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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Mexico Captures Sinaloa Cartel Drug Trafficker

Mexico Captures Sinaloa Cartel Drug Trafficker who is accused of dealing cocaine and marijuana.


  1. I hope they realize that this is going to bring horrible negative consequences.. I give it 2 weeks tops and they will be attacking key political officials. I hate to see this happen, but that is what is going to.. The only way to stop it is to legalize and regulate drugs.

  2. Seriously, This is a game for both sides. Just let these guys run their buisnesses legally and we'd all benifit in many ways. But nope thad make to much sense, and would be way to easy. Instead ???
    There Will Be Blood more less depending on who replaces the king pins right hand man.
     who really runs this forced cartel???????????????????????????????


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