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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Rob Potylo Quiet D's Roadsteamer to be free

Rob you recently changed your stage name from Robby Roadsteamer to Rob Potylo your real name, what's that all about?

Well uhhhh I decided to play this new character whose sorta a hermit and dork and doesn't do well in public situations from time to time. His name is Rob Potylo. He likes baseball, baseball cards, atari 2600, and movies from time to time.

Quiet Desperation is blowing up on youtube, the last episode just literally bursting with goodness, did you expect this from the start or just something you started for fun?

I love Quiet Desperation heart and soul and I wanted to cram everything I could about my life into it in a reality sitcom type format. Amazing people dance in and out of my life and I'm constantly on the run trying to stay away from Retail and trying to find something creative to do for a living in Boston which seems to be an E=MC2 problem for me. I wanted to showcase my favorite talents from the music, comedy, and performance art side of the tracks. A sorta Saturday Night Live for Boston without the stale dime a dozen skit. Just trying to keep creative types in this area with me.

Can we talk about the difficulty but possible hope of bringing it to the masses, local tv? That you, Comedy Central, Scott Matalon, Ernie Boch need to sit in a room and ink a deal?

It's just hard to make it that simple. The show keeps evolving and every time we try to make a pilot it becomes quickly outdated with every new episode and new talent we introduce. Everybody is telling me 100 ways to package it and sell it. I wish one of these times somebody would just show it to someone who might actually be able to get out there on a larger scale. In the meantime I'm trying to just focus on being creative like I always have. If I had a dime for every time someone told me something was right around the corner I'd have $1.80. That's not bad.

You're back at the Freedom Rally but this time it's not going to be Roadsteamer so what do you have planned for that?

To read the rest of this interview, click here.

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