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Friday, February 19, 2010

Open letter to Eddie Vedder, Why liberals should oppose global climate change, carbon tax, cap and trade bills

If a big rock star, Gary Cherone can publicly write, get some attention for his cause and get no response, why can't I?

Mr. Vedder,
I have been what some might call a fan of your music, song writing, words, actions over the years even when I have not always agreed with some of it.

Global warming. Do they now call it, global climate change because the sun and entire solar system might actually be cooling?

With the financial market corruption of big government and big corporations stealing us blind. With the same in the music industry where pay to play is the key to getting a chance to be heard? Do you support the same models to solve these complex environmental issues? Issues that are often best fought and fixed on a local level? Issues where throwing large corporate polluters in jail is preferable than forcing them to buy credits?

Aren't the carbon credit bills just big government trading systems run by the corporations and government again, a new Wall Street?

That's what the solution is? With nothing of the real nature humane issues that should be of greater concern? The killing of our unwanted and over bred pets for money in overcrowded shelters, the extinction of many species of plants and animals, plastic in the oceans? Poisons in our food supplies? Corporate media groups selling smut to children? Their solution seems to be to be to allow big corps to pollute and poor consumers to pay their cost of doing bad business. To allow Wall Street to run it, the federal suits to pretend to watch it, creating a market place for polluting? No way.

If you pollute it should be a crime not a cost of doing business, way for the government to create a huge nationwide new racket to tax.

I'm a libertarian but when you do mass harm for huge profit knowingly and without care? That's a crime not a cost of doing business.

I stopped going to Pearl Jam shows not because I didn't like them but because of the high fixed market prices to see your act perform. Sure it's not an issue for your band because you have enough fans to keep selling out but I seem to remember it was something that was once important to you.

Isn't the Democrats federal government solution just to raise the prices some more, excluding more working class fans who can't afford to pay the ticket prices? I remember Eddie Vedder who fought for $20 tickets. Carbon trading bills will only increase your ticket prices even more than they already are. $20? Not even close anymore. You can pretend it won't because you have already privately bought carbon credits to offset the environmental costs but that just proves my point. Pearl Jam a small corporation in the overall scope of things, took care of it, we didn't need the federal government to Wall Street carbon credits to make that happen.

It happens when somebody cares not when the government and Al Gore's World Bank yahoo's fix it. Eddie Vedder and Pearl Jam cared, they fixed their end and inspired others to do the same. That works.

Speak out for the real, biting the Wall Street solutions, I hope you take a look at this, Mr. Vedder and respond.

Saying nothing on the Democrat backed bills but pushing carbon credits everywhere on your website, makes it seem you do support the federal bills. Do you?

Photo of Eddie Vedder: marco annunziata

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