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Monday, February 8, 2010

Wisconsin Rep. Vukmir booed by medical marijuana patients at hearing

Wisconsin Rep. Vukmir booed by medical marijuana patients at Dec. 15th 2009 State House hearing.


  1. its kind of sickening to see ads by google for scott brown . but atleast they are wasting their ad space on a site where no one will sign up to volunteer for them.

  2. Exactly, I appreciate that him and Martha are supporting the website that calls them out. Pretty funny.

  3. it's dissapointing to me to see leap to kick him out. he is doing what every cop should be doing. if an order is unconstitutional you don't have to follow it. i mean they can talk all they want politicians are liars and won't do anything about it. the cops jsut have to stop enforcing unconstitutional laws. i think its brave what he is doing he could lose his job but his is standing on his beliefs and for leap to do that i think is disrespectful.

  4. Organize, rally, & get this idiot, Rep. Vukmir out of office. 

  5. ha ha stuped brod weed is safest drug on the planet.weed has little side affects on ppl and aimals, hunngry happy ,  sleepy are the only sideaffects smoke dis stuff medicaly legulize it

  6.    I feel sorry for that dumb ass females family.  How can anyone be so pathetically hard headed and ignorant not to even hear other peoples words.  She just kept shaking her head no.  I wanna know how much she is getting paid to look like an ass.  Eff WI this is one of the reason that state is so poor.


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