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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Assistance in Recovery's Andrew Wainwright pushes forced treatment and continued prohibition of some drugs on CNN American Morning

Assistance in Recovery's Andrew Wainwright covers up on CNN American Morning

Watch as Andrew Wainwright CEO for Assistance in Recovery plays for forced drug treatment and for prohibition of some drugs.

First question, "Andrew if drugs were legal would you have ever sought treatment?"

Doesn't answer the question. Why?

Hmm, probably for the inconvenient fact that because alcohol is legal?

That many folks get treatment for legal drugs?

In 1995 he sought help for his alcoholism and drug addiction at the Hazelden Foundation in Minnesota.

Treatment is the only answer? Really what about for cannabis, Andrew? What do we do about those who don't take to treatment? Force them? And when it doesn't work for the majority? Sounds like you want to get paid before locking them up?

Legalization, harm reduction, free treatment on demand is a good strategy.

Forced treatment with jail and continued prohibition of some drugs? A loser strategy, Mr. Wainwright. Almost seems like you only care about getting funding for forced treatment with ever growing numbers of customers, I mean addicts due to prohibition.

If you support treatment as the only solution what do you do with the 800,000+ a year arrested for marijuana and the tens of millions of cannabis consumers who are forced to fund a growing black market? Why is continuing prohibition with some talk about forced drug treatment a good policy and how does it solve that? Seriously, where's the beef, Andrew?

Treatment is not the only real answer. Ending prohibtion is.

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  1. The conflict of interest is so clear that you can not take one word the treatment guy says is true.


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