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Monday, March 22, 2010

Catherine Bleish leaves jail - New Hampshire, after peaceful protest erupts, civil disobedience

Catherine Bleish caught on tape reuniting with her loved ones after she's arrested protesting the arrest of a marijuana smoker.

Note however that she was not arrested for marijuana rather for her actions defending the rights of those who use it.

This happened in Nashua, New Hampshire March 20, 2010.

Drop the charges against Catherine Bleish! Call the Nashua, NH Police Department

Pot Protesters get arrested and Crowd gets ANGRY!

Cops vs. crowd at New Hampshire marijuana busts

NH: Furious crowd heckles police at marijuana bust


  1. i live 4 miles from nashua nh . and there saying is live free of die . lol its a joke . the state is nuts with what they do to people and they way they treat them .

  2. While this was going on MassCann/NORML was doing the same after their annual board meeting in Cambridge, MA, public civil disobedience. We had no issues with police. Weird on this cannabis MA now seems more free than NH....

  3. Nice civil disobedience rally!!!!!!!!!!!

    The obvious rolling and suspicious handling of material has always seemed to be a very powerful tactic.

    High five for all the good video and vocal reaction to arrests.

    I think everyone who can, should wear an undergarment with powerful pro pot slogans to potentially appear in mug shots in the unfortunate event of an arrest.

  4. So, what was the purpose of this?  I don't see where it helped anything other than to piss off some cops.


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