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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Facebook politics, activists ask Rep. Richard Ross about marijuana policy

MA State Rep. Richard Ross is running for State Senate to replace Scott Brown.

A small group of marijuana reform activists on facebook asked Rep. Ross about his stance on a marijuana recrim bill he supported, medical marijuana, and legalization.

Ross responded.

"I do support medical marijuana use for the relief of those suffering from major illness. However as a former member of the Joint Committee on Mental Health and Substance Abuse I also recognize as do most experts on substance abuse, that Marijuana is a gateway drug. I also am witness to the difficulties created with the law as it does apply to schools, identification of offenders without legal identification, and a variety of other enforcement issues around MA law, that have created a nightmare for law enforcement."

Thank you Rep. Ross. I don't agree about decrim being a big issue or that cannabis is a huge problem being a gateway drug anymore than coffee. I'd also note that prohibition only adds to the small numbers that might go from using cannabis to harder drugs. Regulation not prohibition is the answer if the gateway theory is a concern.

Despite the difference of opinion, I'd like to give Rep. Ross his due for answering and publicly supporting medical marijuana. Many elected officials, mostly Democrats I might add do not feel the need to do the same. Maybe there is hope for that second party in Massachusetts, the Republicans?

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