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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Kids bring marijuana laced treats on campus

Kids bring marijuana laced treats on campus

They are lucky it wasn't alcohol, tobacco, caffeine, tylenol, aspirin, or oxycontin.


  1. Kids will be kids! I knew this was going to happen. We are going to have to deal with it. The kids are not harmed. It could have been so much worse. As a teen, I was caught at school with some. It was a 3 day suspension for me. I will say the kids treated me differently after that (sometimes in a good way). I just hope they are not traumatized in the future. I have a question about the school policy. What happens if a parent or guardian came to the school, but is a medical user; from what the sign said, they would not be allowed on the premises? How does that work?

  2. I know kids shouldn't be taking weed like that (except for legitamate medical reasons), but honestly, do you know anyone who was "traumatized" by weed? I don't! I mean, that was 'medicial' candy, so it was probably some high-grade shit though! So who knows.. As far as your comment on a parent or guardian; it seems a bit hypocritical that they would, the teachers at an elementary school are probably on enough prescription shit to get through the day! Big up to Mike C for the find! Respect!


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