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Saturday, March 6, 2010

MA Governor's Race and Cannabis Reform?

The campaign for MA Governor has begun, let's start asking the candidates about their positions on cannabis.

On facebook, youtube, and in person at their campaign events!

Leave a comment on their pages, do it now.

Charlie Baker for Governor on Youtube

"How about legalizing cannabis for jobs in Massachusetts. Good for Newbury Street and the hotels. Good for the suburbs, for the farmers, for small businesses that will create new products, manufacturing. And for our communities, families. Harm reduction works. Look at the tobacco program the only one that works, reduced use among teens and adults while legal at 18+ and cannabis just the opposite unless you legalize it."

Christy Mihos on youtube

"Come out for medical marijuana and legalization, Christy. Check it out for the harm reduction, how less kids in Amsterdam use it than in neighboring countries or the USA. How it helps keep it away from kids. Look at the one successful drug program in MA. Cigarettes, use is down among kids and adults yet they are legal at 18+. While cannabis use has risen big in this area and nationally...One they arrested many and the other nobody gets arrested even fined shop owners that occasionally get stung by enforcement agents trying to find them wrong...Legalize it, take the revenue from illegal dealers, give it to small business, the arts, tourism, and a way to bring in revenue for the state while cutting the rest."

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