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Sunday, March 28, 2010

MSNBC: Marijuana is safer, 56% of California voters support legalization

MSNBC, March 26th, 2010: Marijuana is safer, 56% of California voters support legalization

California going to legalize marijuana, November 2010 via ballot initiative.


  1. cali ure setting the trend, it wont b long brothers and sisters

  2. greginvalley@gmailMarch 30, 2010 at 9:28 AM

    As I have read more and more into the debate, I would still like to  see the concrete proof on either side of the debate.  The anti mj side claims gateway drug and deterioration of society, but that has been going on since the 70's when I was a kid.  Sure, some people who smoke will go on to heavier drugs, but a lot of people who drink go on to heavier drugs.  Does that make it ok?  No, but huffing glue to get high is more harmful to your liver and brain than mj, and yet it can be bought at any Home Depot.  People who use coke and meth and heroin are wired that way, and smoking the herb doesnt make them more or less prone to it.  The tragedy I see coming is that people will still not take responsibility for the stupid crap they do, and pot will now be blamed, instead of cigarettes or alcohol.  The pro mj side claims studies in universities and labs, but some are obscure and they claim government cover up to strengthen their debate.  Granted, the government will not allow many studies on it so "what are they trying to hide" , but that doesnt convince me either.

  3. Greg, just compare cigarette and marijuana use in MA over the last 20 years. Cigarette use among adults and teens? Down. Nobody was arrested to make this happen. Meanwhile, cannabis use? Way up, for both adults and teens. Many arrested. And the market for cannabis? Never better. More customers/higher prices, even during a depression.

    If marijuana is as dangerous as some claim, why go with prohibition? It clearly does not work.

    Who needs to prove cannabis is safe? Not me.

    I know it's safer than alcohol, tobacco, aspirin, oxycontin, tylenol, aspertame, etc. but really it's beside the point.

    The true danger/negative consequences of cannabis have only been ratcheted up by one thing and one thing only.



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