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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Pardon John Ray Wilson

Pardon John Ray Wilson
"I am asking for members of this event to call the Governors office every single day and ask to leave a message for Gov. Christie. They will transfer you to an aide and then you say, "I am asking Gov. Christie to pardon John Ray Wilson an MS patient who was convicted to seven years in prison for treating his MS."

I want every member to vow that they will make this simple phone call, every single day until this is done.

Marijuana was the only thing that helped John keep his MS under control and because of this he is in jail. We need to help him and it is so flipping easy to do that. Just make a phone call once a day and ask the Governor to pardon him!!


Wilson has been convicted of growing medical marijuana to treat his MS. He's looking at a jail sentence that for somebody in his condition may lead to his early death. This is cruel and unusual punishment for a man that was growing a few plants to treat himself. Please call.

1 comment:

  1. Let the man go,what is such a big deal over growing pot plant's that have been being grown and used since biblical times?Our society is a mess they have been fed so much bull that they just believe it without even checking out the facts,grow it ,use it properly,tax it and join high society,hell you have senator's and congressmen falling asleep during voting sessions,are they that bored or high?


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