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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Rep. Donald Humason is content with denying people medicine for the time being

Lorraine Kerz of Greenfield pushes Mass. medical marijuana bill she promised dying son she'd fight for

Another committee member, Rep. Donald F. Humason, R-Westfield, said he is not convinced that a medical marijuana law would be a panacea for people with certain illnesses.

Humason noted that a new law decriminalizes the possession of small amounts of marijuana in Massachusetts. The law, which took effect in January of last year, replaces criminal penalties for possessing an ounce or less of marijuana with a civil fine of $100, about the same as getting a traffic ticket. Sixty-five percent of voters approved the ballot law on Nov. 4.

“There’s some sense that’s enough for the time being,” Humason said.

"That's enough for the time being"? It isn't enough for me while I'm dealing with daily pain and the fact that I am being denied affordable access to a non toxic medicine that helps me. If I'm forced to buy it on the black market paying $400 an ounce, "that's enough for the time being"? Continuing to fund the black market, forcing patients to pay through the nose for what they could grow themselves for free "that's enough for the time being"? How do you make a statement like this to the press knowing people in pain are being denied medicine "for the time being"?

Rep. Humason, you might as well just rob me by gunpoint and tell me, "that's enough for the time being".

Terrorizing people who need medicine, doing nothing to help them "that's enough for the time being?" Really, Rep. Humason?

Rep. Humason from his website, "People are often moved to contact their state legislator. That is a good thing and vitally important because, speaking as a State Representative, it is impossible for us to represent our constituents if we don't know how they think or feel about issues. We need to hear from you to do our job."

Good call him at (617) 722-2803 and let him know denying people medicine is not enough for the time being.

Or email at


  1. Discernez a fait de la propagande l'amour et la haine contextualisation

  2. I have met Rep Don Humason, and he does seem like a fair representative... and man in general; but there are things I do not agree with on his terms. I believe that Don , er Mr. Humason should reflect with his constituants on this bill , encompossing the whole of the surrounding areas, not just Westfield  Ma.  

  3. thanks for last comment. I'm sure he is a nice guy. Sometimes I get so heated on this issue because I know the pain I am in and many like my friend, Marcy Duda have it much worse.

    Time to be nice and reach out to the reps again.

    I hate getting angry and upset about it and know we can get more down as friends.

    Thanks for message. Please contact Rep. Humanson. Let him know you like him but want to see him support medical marijuana. Those calls really make a big difference, especially from locals within the district. They worked for my rep who we thought would never ever support it...


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