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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Salem News: Family still seeks justice

Kenneth Howe died in police custody after a police roadblock where he was a passenger carrying a marijuana joint in decriminalized Massachusetts. Many witnesses viewed the incident. The police take down does seem to be at least partially responsible for his death, if not 100% the reason he is not with his family today. (Mike Cann)

My View: Family still seeks justice
"Stop, children, what's that sound; everybody look what's going down."

— "For What It's Worth," Buffalo Springfield

We have recently been inundated by a flock of public officials trying to associate themselves with the high-profile Amy Bishop triple-homicide case because it opened up the possibility that Bishop was responsible for another homicide — that of her own brother in 1986. This case has elements of everything — associations with Harvard, Hollywood, money and connections. The current investigation aims to assure us that no homicide will ever fall through the cracks again in Massachusetts.

If the governor, legislators and federal investigators are telling us the truth about wanting to seal up those cracks, I'd like to point out a Grand Canyon-sized one right here in Essex County. It concerns Ashleigh (15 years old), Dakota (10) and Rayne-Marie (13 months) and their mother, the widowed Margaret Howe.

Their father, Kenneth R. Howe, was brutally beaten to death on Thanksgiving Eve 2009 at what is known as a "sobriety checkpoint" in North Andover. Many Americans feel these checkpoints are violations of their rights. This one cost Howe his life.

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  1. I have yet to see this story on any news chanel, local or national. WHY? This is a perfect example of our gov't and how we are not free. At most that poor man should have been isseud a TICKET!! THAT'S ALL!! There are people who know people and I want the whole U.S. to see this on CNN, FOX, NBC,CBS,ABC. Glen Beck would be a great voice for this victoms family. When a mayor's dog was killed in a cannabis raid we heard about that. Doesn't a humans life mean as much as a dog?


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