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Monday, April 19, 2010

ACLU and FBI fail to look at civil rights violations in drug raid

From Captain Joint

It Has Been Seven Years, to the day, March 27,2010, since Chief (now X) Kevin P. Gleason with the aid of Special Agent Scott E. Haley kicked in my family's doors and put guns to my children, my grandchildren, and my dogs.

I have had the good fortune to see Chief Kevin P. Gleason go to jail.

Special Agent Scott E. Haley is still at large.....

I want to thank Treating Yourself Magazine and the TY Community for their support. Treating Yoursef Magazine is the only publication to date that has even mentioned this story.

For those of you just hearing of this tale, a quick re-cap.

On this day, 7 years ago, a swat team tore my home apart while I was in the hospital after surgery. The police affidavit claimed 3 marijuana sales from me at my home in Holland Mass. to a C.I. #62.

I was in the hospital when the sales took place and the C.I. #62 was in JAIL ! (Perjury by police)

When the police found out I was in the hospital they stopped searching with the house half searched and they left. They knew they were in trouble.

I was never charged, although the newspapers reported I was facing many charges, and the simple possession charges against my wife and daughter were dismissed, so our family filed in civil court to sue the police.

The Town of Holland Mass. covered up the crimes of the police. We could only fight as long as our money lasted and the Town just had more cash than us, they get it from the taxpayers..., seven years later, why am I still bitching...?

Because two agencies have failed to do their jobs in this case.

I am claiming that the ACLU has not done their job in this case because of the following reasons.

After my home was raided, (and I was well enough) I contacted the ACLU. They informed me that they do not get involved in criminal cases. I told them I didn't need a criminal lawyer. They said they would look at the civil rights violations after the criminal charges were dismissed. (Steven Epstein MassCann/Norml was the criminal lawyer)

My claim is simple, My right to freedom of speech was violated as this raid was staged against me after:
(1) ...being on the front page of the Southbridge Evening News in connection with a marijuana demonstration (speaking out)
(2) ...written up in several local newspapers for running the Boston Freedom Rally in Sept, 02 for Masscann Norml (legal actions)
(3) ...named Freedom Fighter in High Times Magazine in the Jan 03 issue. (not a crime)
(4) ... had a letter to the editor printed in a local newspaper about medical marijuana and stated I was a patient (freedom of speech)

......This and a "rumor I had a lot of drugs.." led Chief Gleason to do the raid. The police stapled newspaper clippings to the affidavit, counted them into the page count, and cited demonstrations I was involved with in the affidavit. Chief Gleason in his Press Release of the raid stated that he had also gone to the newspapers for the copy of my letter to the editor.

I do believe these actions along with the lies (perjury) the police stated in the affidavit are criminal, and a violation of my rights. The ACLU has been contacted and has failed to even look at this case.

The other agency that has failed to do their job is the FBI.

If you go to you will see that the FBI does look at civil rights violations. They also look at crimes called "COLOR of OFFICE" or "COLOR of UNIFORM" This is when police use the power of their office illegally.

Chief Gleason, who headed up this raid has since gone to jail. He has gone to jail for stealing money and drugs from the police evidence room in Holland Mass.

He also bought guns on the Towns Dollars and then sold the guns and kept the cash. I think it was 14 guns...

During his time as Chief Of Police he was also brought up in Federal Court for sexually harassing a female officer under his command. There were many other alligations. In the Federal documents I found connected with the case there was an alligation that Police Chief Kevin P. Gleason had offered to go to Florida and shoot a woman but (quote from federal document) "he would have to fu*k her first because she was fine." (end quote)

This outstanding office only got a two year jail sentance. I do believe his credability at this point should be questioned and all his cases should be suspect.

I have given the FBI more than enough on their tip line to get them to do their job and now look at Agent Scott E. Haley, and Chief Kevin P. Gleason's actions in my case.

At my family's cost we have taken sworn depositions from these officers, and those depositions are filled with perjury. The FBI Won't look at that.

I have publicly openly accused these two officers of perjury and misconduct, as well as fabracating evidence and putting it before a judge.

If I am lying, this is slander. I have my claims all over google. These officers have a good case against me if I am lying about them.

They have taken no action against me because it is all true, they are dirty cops....

...why won't the FBI go after dirty cops?

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