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Monday, April 5, 2010

Bill Maher stinks up the joint with Jay Leno discussing marijuana legalization

Bill Maher on Jay Leno discussing marijuana legalization

Bill Maher and Jay Leno pretty much can't stand listening to either. Instead of insulting people who use pot, why not actually take some talking points from NORML, (the group Maher belittled), so as not to set us back on national television? I know Maher's supposed to be a comedian but I didn't laugh. Isn't he just being the stoner he criticizes the rest of us for being? I could smoke ten joints and do better than this.

Bill Maher while getting paid millions to recite stupid stereotypes, doesn't see the irony in his statements? He's no Karl Rove.

1 comment:

  1. Man their not criticizing. its comedy...they have to make jokes. your just getting too offended. bill maher is definatly for legalizing.. jay lenos for chillllllllllll bro its all good.


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