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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Cross Country Marijuana Walker Coming to Southbridge

Local Contact: Michaelle Merced in Southbridge, 508-765-1760

On Friday, April 23rd, at 11AM, Dan Gervais, who is walking cross country in an effort to raise consciousness about changing the nation's marijuana laws, will be coming to the Southbridge Post Office to do a press conference. Dan will be working with area activists to put a non-binding question on the local state representative ballot in support of medical marijuana. This will be the kick off of the drive to secure necessary signatures of registered voters to place a Public Policy Question on the medical marijuana issue before the voters of the 6th Worcester state representative district. Volunteers will be collecting signatures until 4 in the afternoon. Over the next six days, Dan Gervais will be walking to three other state rep districts in Bellingham, Plainville, and North Attleboro to collect signatures to put additional medical marijuana local referendums on the ballot in those communities.

Mr. Gervais started his walk in Boston on April 20th and is scheduled to make the Pacific Ocean in Santa Monica, California in mid-November of this year. Along the way across the country, he will be speaking out for dramatic change in the marijuana laws.

Popular opinion has undergone a sea change over the last few years. In November 2008, over 65% of Massachusetts voters in choose to no longer make personal possession of small amounts of Cannabis a criminal offense in this state. This coming November, area activists predict electoral victories in the 75-80% range in support of medical marijuana. Politicians that persist in standing in the way of cancer, multiple sclerosis, AIDS, and glaucoma patients getting the medicine that their doctors recommend, will find that they are taking an extremely unpopular stand with the electorate. Terminal patients deserve proper medication and not the threat or action of being jailed. This is no longer tolerable.

Mr. Gervais calls his cross country walk the War on Lies Walk and has more information available at: including twitter updates on his progress. Supporters are urged to help with the Spring signature gathering effort and area campaign in the Fall as well as joining him in the walk for a mile or two or ten along the route.

War on Lies Marijuana Walk from Boston, MA to Los Angeles, California

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