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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Fox 29, Will the US ever legalize marijuana?

Fox 29; Will the US ever legalize marijuana?

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    The only reason people are perceiving this harmless drug, marijuana, as a gateway drug and saying it is so bad is because we have categorized this much less harmful drug in the same category as other much more dangerous drugs such as heroin and crystal meth. If people would wake up to the facts and see how much safer marijuana consumption is for a person than alcohol tobacco or any other prescription drug, it simply makes sense to decriminalize. By saying marijuana is as bad as these other drugs, kids then go out, smoke pot, and realize that it is not as bad as society has made them believe. Because of this lie they are fed, they then assume those other drugs in the same category as marijuana really aren't as dangerous as they are. Marijuana is a gateway drug because we have made it one.

    This book will prove how different marijuana is from every other drug, thus establishing the reason our drug laws are in serious need of reform.


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