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Sunday, April 11, 2010

King of Pot under attack? Needs your support

King of Pot under attack? Needs your support

The King of Pot started his website in memory of his mother who he lost to the same condition he battles. He states that medical marijuana has saved his life. It didn't save his mother's because she wouldn't use it more than the one time to great benefit because it was deemed an "illegal" substance.

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  1. Mike, you have done a great job for the community, I for one follow you web site.
    Medical MJ should be legalized, it would certainly help with my pain.
    Doctors are decreasing our pain medications because the Mediical Board and the Government are scrutenizing that only one narcotic can be given and its not right nor is it fair for those of us who suffer.
    It is the quality of life and not the quantiy and denying us Medical MJ vs. buying it off the street is draining our pockets because we have limited incomes.
    What is going on ?  I know you cant speak now but because you have the biggest voice for all of us who hide our usage because we have to with our jobs.
    I get so angry.  Please continue to be our voices and if you need to go to the State House, contact us all, we will be right beside you and not behind you !
    You are doing a great thing because of your mother, I for one am very proud of you !


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