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Monday, May 10, 2010

Courtney Love Cobain update

Courtney Love Cobain on Fuse TV

Some might recall that I covered some of Courtney Love Cobain's allegations of fraud against major players in the entertainment industry but then kind of dropped it. The reason? Courtney Love herself. It often seemed she would be all gung ho to go all out on the story by sending me messages and documents, evidence but then she'ld clam up and go back to not talking. Expecting others to take the case on and break it. I couldn't do it without her full cooperation and besides didn't have the time to go all out covering it all. Fortunately one other person really has followed up and done the real digging. See links below.

I still have my questions and have reached no conclusions on any of it. Is she telling the truth? Hard to really know.

Courtney is back promoting new music. She looks great here in this preview sneak peek video from Fuse TV answering silly questions or non questions should I say. Awesome. Reminds me of Dylan way back in the day.

Will she talk more about her previous allegations that have been posted online for several years? She's back on twitter posting all about it. Upcoming court cases in the works.

Carmela Kelly of Fair News Spears recently
wrote a well documented piece on the financial and legal wrangling related to the trust of daughter Frances Bean Cobain.

Link to Carmela Kelly Puma press article

Courtney Love Cobain, she's still standing and talking. I think this is a good thing.

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