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Monday, May 3, 2010

Hartford marijuana rally with Dan Gervais on 5/5‏


Come Celebrate the End of Prohibition

As you may know, the March for Freedom
led by Dan Gervais of Plainfield left Boston on April 20th,
bound to tour all of America.

He is drawing attention to the continued illegality of marijuana, and
demanding change. Come to Hartford on May 5 to cheer him on as the
march reaches the State Capitol Building. Tell the government to end
its oppression, leave people alone, and respect individual liberty.

In the spirit of Martin Luther King, who defied the bigots of his era,
many people will engage in peaceful civil disobedience at the Capitol.

Such defiance has already become widespread nationwide.
Here is NH:

At the Colorado Capitol this week:
We are looking forward to a turnout of at least this size.

Anyone courageous enough to join in, be aware that the movement is
grass roots. There is no central organization. There is no leader to
direct your actions. Plan what you will do in small groups of friends.

Make protest signs. Read the strategies of Gandhi. Learn the songs of
the Civil Rights Movement.

Coordinating with other groups at the site may be difficult.
Anticipate counter-measures by the authorities. Be prepared to act
individually and flexibly, and to make use of opportunities as they

Anyone planning civil disobedience inside the building should enter
singly or in pairs, well in advance, and "dressed like lawyers."

Consider making a day of it. Come to show support. Join the main
march, or feeder marches, tour the city, gathering supporters, before
converging on the Capitol by 4:20.

This will be an epic day. Ditch the fear. Shake off the isolation.
Smell the Freedom.

Copy this announcement. Post it on all the walls of your community,
both on and off line.


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