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Sunday, July 18, 2010

'I Gots Mine': Dispensary Owners Against Marijuana Legalization

Russ Belville, NORML

'I Gots Mine': Dispensary Owners Against Marijuana Legalization

Yesterday on our daily webcast for NORML we interviewed Dale Sky Clare, a spokesperson for Proposition 19, the initiative that will ask Californians to vote on a very limited form of marijuana legalization. We discussed the latest polling on the initiative from SurveyUSA, showing a 50% - 40% lead for the measure.

We dug through the demographics to find that older and more conservative people are the only groups more likely to oppose the measure (no, really?), support is greatest among the young and in the Bay Area (who knew?), and support among comedians named "Cheech" or "Chong" is approaching 100% (OK, I made the last one up).

But there is one growing demographic group that no poll has begun to track: medical marijuana dispensary owners.

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