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Saturday, August 7, 2010

Quiet Deperation Episode Twenty-Five "When you're Sinking in Dirt Bags"

Quiet Deperation Episode Twenty-Five "When you're Sinking in Dirt Bags" 

Quiet Desperation Twenty Five or 25, "When You're Sinking in Dirt Bags". This episode touches on adopting children and turning them into guitar heroes, angry mobs, alienation, losing your mind, not having much of a mind to begin with, death threats, viking metal, doing drugs as a form of escapism, whether or not this program is comedy, what to expect out of a visit to the past, and how to dress for a shit show.

Featuring Rob Potylo, Holly Brewer, Frank Frazzutti, Nick D'amico, Victor Foresta, Kevin Harrington, Mike Cann, Dave Lordan, Locrius, Marnie Hall, Baxter Hall, Mora Precarious, Chris Goodwin, Vito Mortalo, Tom Mortalo, Liz Something, Niki Smokes, Michael Malta, Crystal Murphy, Vic's girlfriend, Erica Galvin, Dan Jillet, Dusty Mulholland, Matthew Dix, Crystal Murphy, Ninoska Nina Brito, Valerie Malta, Nicole Gibson, Matt Murphy, Daniel J. Jillet, and Liz. If you were also in this video and want some sort of credit well fucking hit us up dood.

Music by Rob Potylo, The Force, Planetoid, Walter Sickert and the Army Of Broken Toys, and Mali Sastri.

Special thanks to Overtime and Dodge Street Bar and Grill.

Executive Producer Rob Potylo
Co-Producer Warren Lynch
Associate Producer Niki Smokes
Written and Directed by Rob Potylo
Cinematography by Alex Stinson and Warren Lynch
Editing by Rob Potylo and Warren Lynch
A Metropolitan Pictures production, Copyright (c) 2010 Rob Potylo

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