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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Some Mass. towns give up on marijuana enforcement

Some Mass. towns give up on marijuana enforcement

Lt. William Sharpe, a spokesman for the Lynn Police, pointed to the recent alleged murder of 15-year-old Rene Valdez by Javon Walczak, 16, in Lynn, which witnesses have told police was the result of Valdez trying to rob Walczak, an alleged marijuana dealer.
"The premise of decriminalization was that marijuana is detached from other violent aspects of drug distribution," Sharpe said. "That is not the case from our perspective, especially in light of recent events.
Is this the fault of marijuana decrim or the continued prohibition of cannabis sales? Cigarette use is down, cannabis use is up. One is legal for sale and one is not. One trade creates violence and the other does not. The difference? Prohibition of sales. Lt. Sharpe supports legalization? Logically he should but of course logic isn't the point when you have a vested interest.

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