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Saturday, August 7, 2010

Tommy Chong to Huckabee: Weed Lies Like Yours Put Me in Jail (VIDEO)

Tommy Chong to Huckabee: Weed Lies Like Yours Put Me in Jail (VIDEO)
"You're getting paid to say what you're sayin'," Chong said to Huckabee. " ... You get paid to recite all the lies."

Huckabee admitted to getting paid for his show, but denied that he was being paid to promote any particular point of view. Which was about the point at which Tommy Chong cursed at Mike. He called Huckabee a "mushroom farmer." "... You know what a mushroom farmer is? ... You keep em' in the dark, and you throw *BLEEPED* on them."


  1. NO,TOMMY.~TOMMY~ PUT TOMMY IN JAIL.Jeesh,Grampa,quit the Blame Game.Your entire being and purpose in to be an arrested development stoner.SHADDAP!Be a MAN, already.A$$HOLE!

  2. Tommy Chong does NOT speak for me or represent my opinion on the legalization matter.Hre's the WRONG person to be speaking on behalf of mrijuana legislation.PERIOD! ="Wrong Chong"+ You are a stoner actor that has zero going for him and has no credibility to be speaking for ANYONE about marijuana! You are a LOSER and a addict perpetuator.Give this Tommy One Note the hook!Tommy, you're a piece of ahit and have no credibility! The man laughs at you and that's why you got yourself put in prison,LOSER!


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