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Friday, September 10, 2010

Big bust (three plants) in Allenstown, NH saps police resources

Allenstown man facing charge in pot bust - Thursday, Sep. 9, 2010
Police had executed a search warrant on the home last Thursday and seized three marijuana plants, numerous individually-wrapped bags of marijuana and smoking pipes, Mulholland said.
Hicks was not home at the time, but Mulholland said he left documentation of the search with Hicks' father and asked to have Hicks call him.
"I told his father to have him give me a call when he gets home," Mulholland said. "He chose not to contact us, so we contacted him."
With three Allenstown police officers serving with the military in Afghanistan and a few out sick, Mulholland was working patrols Tuesday night when he asked for assistance from Pembroke police, who accompanied him to carry out the arrest warrant.
Three plants? Is that really worth it? Giving this 20 something a felony for life? We should reward those that grow small amounts, it's better than buying from drug gangs! Now who's side are the Allenstown Police on? Apparently the side that favors larger organized crime...

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