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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Bill Maher's Marijuana Problem -

Bill Maher's Marijuana Problem -
"Once again, Bill Maher recently criticized NORML, this time during a conversation with board member Ann Druyan.

On the Sept. 24 edition of Real Time, Maher introduced Druyan, who is Carl Sagan's widow, as the "head" of NORML. Druyan clarified that she's chairman of the board of directors. Both were wrong. Maher should know that executive director Allen St. Pierre is the "head" of NORML. And Druyan chairs the NORML Foundation, not the NORML board of directors.
When Druyan attempted to explain that NORML runs things "loose," Maher launced into his tired refrain: "That's why the marijuana movement hasn't really ever gone anywhere. The people in charge set their own hours. We need a Karl Rove type lobbyist to move this."
Is Bill Maher really helping the cause of marijuana legalization? A clueless, know it all, setting us back every time he opens his mouth to bash the leading marijuana reform organization in the nation.

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