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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

DARE Program moves child to bring marijuana to school

Elementary student brings pot to school to turn in his parents

Another DARE success story?

Turning children into snitches and putting other children at risk by having an 11 year old bring marijuana to school.


  1. Maybe more parents need to teach their kids the truth about marijuana and other drugs, and also teach them that programs like DARE do more harm than help. I bet this kid never thought he'd end up getting taken away from his mom and dad and is probably regretting it now.

  2. wow that sucks...unbelieveable how they brainwash small children, before they have a chance to learn the truth......i know of ppl in a similar situatiuon, kid steals from brother, tries pot for the first time, goes into school bragging, and all kinds of trouble can result....i agree...parents need to take it upon themselves to teach the truth...or simply NOT allow there kids in the "Dare to teach kids proppaganda" program

  3. wow........and how does this look to the parents who are medically green carded so that they can have it legally? how does the *dare* program help the kids of people who use it as medicine?


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