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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Jeff Perry for Congress pledges to support medical marijuana? WBUR marijuana 420 mob for public policy questions


    Tomorrow morning, Monday, public radio station, WBUR, will be set up at the Water Street Cafe in Plymouth talking to folks there about the election.  The tradition is for a number of past elections, Plymouth has been voting the gubernatorial winner.  People in Plymouth and Barnstable Counties are encouraged to stop by and talk on air about legalization on the ballot in Woods Hole and the Islands (9 towns) and the medical marijuana vote in Hingham, Hull, Cohasset, Scituate, Carver, and Bourne.  All these 15 towns are in the 10th Congressional district.  At the end of voting day, 27 out of 41 district towns will have voted on either medical marijuana or tax and regulate since 2000 (this does not include Question 2 or decrim PPQs in district).

TOWN                             YES  %                         YEAR
Abington                         71 %                         2004  
Hanson                            70 %                         2008
Pembroke                        71 %                         2008
Duxbury                           72  %                        2008                        
Provincetown                   78  %                        2000   
Truro                              69  %                        2000
Wellfleet                          72  %                        2000
Eastham                          61 %                         2000
Orleans                            60 %                         2000
Chatham                          58 %                         2000
Harwich                           58 %                         2000
Dennis                             58 %                         2000

    I presented the medical marijuana election history to both the Republican candidate, ex-Wareham cop, Jeff Perry, and Democratic candidate Norfolk County District Attorney Bill Keating.
In a recent communication from his Quincy campaign office, I received an endorsement of medical marijuana from Jeff Perry. 
   With Bill Keating, I got a not taking a position on that issue at this time answer from his campaign.  That should be viewed as somewhat of a victory as Bill Keating the drug warrior was trying to up marijuana penalties a dozen or more years ago.  If you live in district, please get in touch with me after the election.  After the expected medical wins in district, Tuesday, he going to be a lot more susceptible to constituent pressure.  A last minute call as a wavering voter who medical marijuana is very important to wouldn't hurt, either.  I doubt that there will be a very last minute position change but the aides will get the message that it is an issue that will have to be faced by Keating soon (in the event of him winning).  The Keating campaign phone number is: 617-479-2010.  Please, please be polite and patient no matter what is said.  Being curt will not win us any mileage in any later lobbying.

Greetings and thanks to everyone who has worked so hard on all these ballot measures,

John Leonard


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