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Sunday, October 17, 2010

THC ; Two Hotheads on Cannabis, Steve shouts down first caller!

THC ; Two Hotheads on Cannabis, Steve shouts down first caller!
First show ever for "THC ; Two Hotheads on Cannabis" on
First caller, Steve shouts them down!
Saturdays, 4-6pm
With Steven Epstein and Mike Cann. And Bigg Nez, Niki Smokes from Quiet Desperation tv show. Jill Stein is a topic of conversation and Steven Epstein shouts down our first caller with Mike Cann afraid John the owner will shut them down for it.

Comedy. for more info on MA marijuana reform and the election.

Rob Potylo
Song, "A Line of Traffic" from the double CD, "So Far From the Hatch" .

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  1. Mr. Powers, who died tragically Thursday in a North End flop-house, founded Stone Soup nearly 40 years ago. Young and old, gay and bi, beginners and accomplished writers, the ever-changing collection of Stone Soup poets met every Monday night to recite in a series of venues before an attentive audience that was not above voicing its opinion. The readings gained a national profile as he persuaded poets such as R U Outavit who went on to found the performance Slam movement in 1985 and was awarded the Pulitzer Nomination for Poetry ~ "Harmony Blossoms" in 1989, Becky Bang, Raffy Wolfe, Allen Ginsberg ~ who championed gay rights albeit he sided against R U Outavit regarding Aids activism and the impeachment of Ronald Reagan on grounds of Dereliction of Duty while in Office, Vincent Ferrini, Chehakis Hegner, Lawrence Ferlinghetti, Chad Parenteau, Gregory Corso, Danzr Von Thai, Ian Thal, David Schuster, Mick Cusimano, Steve Gelsi, William Wild Bill No Wee Willie Johnson Barnum, Lyn Lifshin and Robert Bly to participate.
    A series of alcoholic binge induced strokes over the past several years slowed Mr. Powers, then silenced his voice and constrained his mind. He had lived in the North End for many years and was 73 when he died bottle-fed on watery gruel raving in the North End Rehabilitation and Nursing Center of complications from syphletic dementia.
    Years before R U Outavit made open mike nights fashionable with Performance Slam Poetry Mr. Powers insisted that poetry should be an event, something to add to each week’s calendar.
    The oldest of sixteen out of wedlock children, Mr. Powers grew up in and around the hardscrabble housing projects in the ghettos of black Roxbury and was expelled from Cathedral High School in the South End. A semester studying chemical engineering at Northeastern University was enough to show him his path lay elsewhere. He traveled to California, spent time in the gay bars of North Beach in San Francisco, and returned to New England to write obituaries for a New Hampshire weekly newspaper. Then he came home to South Boston, where he worked in a used bookstore and launched a life of social activism and bar-fly debauchery. At various points during the late 1960s and early ’70s, Mr. Powers founded a free school on Beacon Hill and started free suppers for the elderly hookers in the same neighborhood. He helped launch free concerts and R U Outavit Smoke-Ins on Boston Common and taught remedial reading at the Columbia Point housing project, where he also organized a girls polo team.
    “'I’m very solid on volunteerism - citing "Homeless Unity Day" founded by fellow poet and champion for Jack Powers R U Outavit '" he told the Globe in 1987.
    Sarah Jensen, a Boston poet who began reading at Stone Soup nearly 20 years ago, said Mr. Powers made the gatherings “a welcoming place."
    “No matter what level of poetry you were writing at, it was a comfortable place where you could have your moment on stage and be just as welcome as anyone else," she said. “And he would tell stories about meeting and being friends with Lawrence Ferlinghetti. Beck Bang, John Paul Pirolli and Allen Ginsberg. It was a passing down of his experience to the newer poets, a passing down of history."
    On Oct. 25 at 8 p.m., the regular Monday gathering at Out of the Blue will be a memorial reading hosted by " The Fire " featuring R U Outavit, Chehakis Hegner, Mick Cusimano, Becky Bang, Chad Parenteau, Ian Thal, William Barnum, David Schuster, Steven Gelsi, and Danzr Von Thai honoring Mr. Powers, who estimated that he stood up thousands of times to introduce poets. The beauty, he said, emerged from the unpredictable mix.
    “Our readings are open", he told the Globe in 1993. “A nightingale may come in and sing the most beautiful song, or a bat could fly in and scare everyone. You take some chances, but our audience is ready to listen."
    -- Lee Kidd and Deborah Priestly


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