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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Boston Herald, Even More Reefer Madness Crying, "Safety goes up in smoke"

Boston Herald, "Safety goes up in smoke"
"Advocates of Question 2 insist the fallout is because Massachusetts didn’t go far enough - full legalization would reduce the violence and crime that accompanies the illegal drug trade.
But let’s be real - Massachusetts voters are never going to go that far. Instead they took this baby step, and our communities are less safe for it."
Marijuana legalization is a real possibility in Massachusetts. We are less safe because you aren't being honest in this piece. What evidence do you have that the rising drug trade has anything to do with decrim? The evidence I have from SAMSHA and other science based data collectors show rising marijuana use, a growing trade of cannabis for well over a decade before decrim. Under prohibition which you all support.

We are less safe because you won't seriously entertain legalization in MA even after it appears the voters are more than ready to vote for just that.


  1. The Herald is a joke. They are so not in tune with what the majority of people in MA think about pot. And I agree that legalization here is a very real possibility. Would be great to be the first state in the country to legalize! And we could certainly use the tax $...

  2. The herald, and it's wankeriffic online version, are simply right wing propaganda rags owned by rupert murdoch. They will use their axe and grind it against anything that the rich and the corporations want them to.
    THey are always stupid and always irrelevant. Nobody reads it, and it is about to fail. Not soon enough for me. They banned me from commenting there, 'cuz I am a "radical", yet any routine perusal of their comments show out and out racism, sedition, and threats of violence against the President of the United States.


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