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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Boston Herald Poll shows them out of touch with readers

Herald Pulse

What is your opinion of the new pot law?

12% - $100 fine is a joke
25% - I knew it would backfire
63% - It’s still a good law
Poll Closed: 2010-11-16
Total Votes: 2,176
With the Herald's recent coverage you'ld think their audience was only the reefer mad...

New pot law blamed as violence escalates

Expert: Decriminalization blazes a path for more teen use

Safety goes up in smoke



  1. funny huh? almost spot on with every single ballot question about marijuana, including the decrim. The politicians in Massachusetts, with the exception of a few, are far behind the people. We WANT marijuana law reform! We NEED a voter initiative for 2012! Let's be one of the first states to legalize marijuana! We were hoping for one state to legalize in 2010. Now we are looking at 3+ states legalizing in 2012! Massachusetts needs to be one of them and it will win if the voters are given the choice!

  2. Initiative drives are in process in Maine to legalize Marijuana in 2012.


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