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Thursday, November 25, 2010

DEA bans K2, Spice and other "fake pot" products

USA Today, DEA bans K2, other 'fake pot' products
WASHINGTON — The DEA used its emergency powers Wednesday to ban K2 and other "fake pot" products that mimic the effects of marijuana.
The action by the Drug Enforcement Administration makes it illegal to possess or sell the five chemicals used to make the products for at least one year. The agency and the Department of Health and Human Services will determine whether the chemicals should be permanently added to the federal list of controlled substances considered unsafe, highly abused and without medical use.
How do they ban K2 but tobacco is still legal?


  1. that's absurd, those jack-booted fascists in the DEA are law enforcement, NOT!!!!!!! the legislators, only the nearly brainless morons in congress & the fuhrer (president, no matter the year) have the authority to make these substances illegal under bloated federal largely unconstitutional law.
    while the use of k2 is moronic because of the fake crap it contains, it's no worse than pharmaceuticals presribed to people with idiot parents, and since people already know the dangers, if they ruin there health then its there problem, unless they force someone else to use that k2 crap, it's none of the idiot fed's business.

  2. in the begining of the video why do they show a video of some dude like laying flat and crawling on the floor

  3. i just watched the whole vid, they show that kid on the floor over and over.. i bet its some kid on salvia or something that they just put in there to make it look dangerous

  4. A ban on these products is beyond hypocritical. The FDA approves toxic substances for human consumption all of the time and no one bats an eye, but when it comes to legal highs, watch out!

  5. Hmmm, if someone wants to buy k2, they're going to do it regardless of any junk law. K2 incense seems to evolve with every ban. These guys, claim to have k2 smoke products that aren't prohibited under ANY ban. Authorities will never be able to keep up.


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