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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Fox News, Marijuana Is NOT Medicine Until The FDA Say It's Medicine

Marijuana Is NOT Medicine Until The FDA Say It's Medicine

Fox News, November 17, 2010

Steve Fox vs. Paul Charlton debating medical marijuana.

Mr. Charlton closes by telling a lie saying the DEA is not blocking cannabis research when they are and then accuses his opponents of not being honest... :(


  1. I could scream watching this!!! I have used cannabis every day for 3 & 1/2 yrs and first time was at 12...since using it every day..I have not had 1 cold flu cures my naseau and so much more..Ive come off any prescriptions my doc had me on pills he said I would be on forever for a chronic condition, well guess what not on them ..why cause of cannabis!! the lies need to stop ..every person thats Uses cannabis needs to come forward and fight for this plant..

  2. its funny...they say people view it as healthy, like "using toothpaste" ...........well i would have to agree whole heartedly! thats exactly how i look at it

  3. The FDA is a joke! Their only interest is the kickbacks they can get from the drug corporations for approving the "next big thing"... Has anyone at FOX even seen some of the commercials for the the crap thats being sold to us?? Pills for ailments most people never heard of, who's side effects include DEATH!? Why would the FDA approve a pill that could kill you??? MONEY... Europe hs soo many good meds to help real people with real problems... and the FDA wont approve them for use here in the States cause they cant make a buck from them...

  4. If the government is not blocking research on medical attributes of MJ, where are these studies being done? Where are the published studies with the data, not just the conclusions that they are making up to keep it a schedule 1 drug?

  5. The FDA does not care about us were just stepping stone for them to profit off of, if they came clean with the truth the drug companies would go broke no one would buy their crap. The drug companies pay them all billions of dollars so they can continue to profit off of us.And this is supposed to be the best country in the world to live in, makes me wonder!


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