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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

It's Colorado's turn‏

As you've probably read or heard, Proposition 19 -- the California initiative to make marijuana legal and regulate it like alcohol -- failed at the polls, 54-46. Although the outcome is unfortunate, the overall impact of the Prop. 19 campaign was a huge boost to the marijuana policy reform movement. It mobilized thousands of activists, unearthed a variety of supportive organizations, and -- perhaps most importantly -- established marijuana policy as a major political issue for years to come.

Now it's Colorado's turn. We're playing to win in 2012, and we're getting started now. The campaign for legalization in Colorado begins today and will not end until we become the first -- or one of the first -- in the nation to establish a legal marijuana market for all adults.

SAFER has been working with the leaders of several organizations on plans for a statewide initiative in Colorado, and we will soon introduce a measure that would legalize marijuana and regulate it in a manner similar to alcohol. Over the past five years we have built a large coalition of organizations, elected officials, and citizens across the state, and now that the 2010 election is over, we are moving full-steam ahead with a plan to organize, mobilize, and energize our coalition and potential voters across Colorado.

CLICK HERE or visit to be a part of the forthcoming effort in Colorado and hear of ways to get involved in the campaign. Then forward this alert to anyone you know in Colorado who you think might be interested. The more support we can build early on, the better off we will be come time to get the formal campaign up and running.

According to a 9 News/Denver Post poll released last week, 46 percent of likely 2010 voters would have supported such a measure, while just 43 percent would have opposed it. The poll echoes previous and recent internal polls showing support for regulating marijuana around 50 percent among 2010 likely voters. And with two years to continue educating voters, the 2012 electorate should be even more favorably inclined toward supporting such a measure.

As you can see, Colorado is well-positioned to become the first state in the nation to move forward with broader marijuana policy reform. And with your help and support, we can do it in 2012.


Mason Tvert
Executive Director

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