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Friday, November 19, 2010

Marc Emery sent to Georgia jail

Marc Emery sent to Georgia jail - News1130

"VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) - BC's "Prince of Pot" is going to a Georgia prison. Marc Emery's wife, Jodie, says he was supposed to go to a prison in California, but she just found out that's not going to happen."

 Marc Emery's US Prison Blog #18 - Heading for Georgia, a letter to his wife, Jodie

"Dearest Jodie: Last Thursday at 10am in Nevada Southern Detention Centre, a guard said, "Emery, roll up!", which meant I was outbound. I was taken with about 100 others to a series of tiny cells, where I waited until 3am (17 hours) to be chained with leg irons and handcuffs secured to a chain around my stomach, then put on a bus to Las Vegas airport.

We were at the airport at 7am but the ConAir plane didn't arrive till around 10:30am. Still in chains, we were boarded onto the plane at around noon. I was the only Canadian. The plane first flew to Arizona and landed to let off prisoners going to Arizona federal prisons, and picked up more prisoners. The plane has room for over 200 prisoners. Then, still chained, we flew to Oklahoma City, the processing hub of the Bureau of Prisons, where we arrived around 5:30pm (central time) and were unchained during intake."


  1. Wow that sucks
    when will he be released?

  2. why was he sent to Georgia? It's like a deliberate slap in the face sending him to the farthest prison from Canada that they could find.

  3. the letter gives u the holocaust feel

    -dan carr


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