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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Marijuana Legalization in Massachusetts? Very Popular!

Updating throughout night as results come in...

Summary: Should the state representative from this district be instructed to vote in favor of legislation that would allow the state to regulate and tax marijuana in the same manner as alcohol?

Barnstable, Dukes & Nantucket State House

City or town Precincts
No Yes
Aquinnah 0 of 1 0 0
Chilmark 0 of 1 0 0
Edgartown 1 of 1 571 1,087
Falmouth 4 of 4 2,355 3,840
Gosnold 0 of 1 0 0
Nantucket 1 of 1 1,382 3,050
Oak Bluffs 1 of 1 659 1,224
Tisbury 1 of 1 556 1,225
West Tisbury 0 of 1 0 0
Total 8 of 12 5,523 10,426

Projected big win for MA legalization!

3rd Hampshire State House
City or town
                No     Yes
Amherst   1,827 5,268
Granby    1,239 1,575
Total      3,066  6,843 

11 of 11 Precincts reporting.
Big win for MA marijuana legalization!

7th Essex State House
City or town
            No     Yes
Salem  5,361 6,877
Total   5,361 6,877

14 of 14 precincts reporting.
Big win for MA marijuana legalization!

1st Middlesex & Norfolk State Senate
City or town
reporting No Yes
Brookline 4,255 10,431
Newton 11,842 19,131
Wellesley 3,134 3,334
Total 19,231 32,896

51 of 51 precints reporting
Big win for MA legalization!

8th Essex State House
City or town
No Yes
Lynn 644 722
Marblehead 0 0
Swampscott 2,608 3,471
Total 3,252 4,193

Projected big win for MA legalization!

13th Norfolk State House
City or town
reporting No Yes
Dover 1,274 1,343
Medfield 1,121 1,606
Needham 5,906 6,784
Total 8,301 9,733

13 of 13 reporting
Big win for MA legalization!

13th Middlesex State House
City or town
No Yes
Lincoln 421 930
Sudbury 2,993 4,476
Wayland 1,593 2,697
Total 5,007 8,103

Projected big win for MA marijuana legalization!

From John Leonard as of 1:27am EST

3rd Hampshire                               69.1%
1st Franklin                                   68.6%
1st Middlesex & Norfolk Senate      63.1%
13th Middlesex                              62.1%
8th Essex                                     56.4%
7th Essex                                     56.2%
13th Norfolk                                   54%

waiting on two districts


14th Bristol                                  60.8%
2nd Bristol                                   60.7%
13th Worcester                            58.7%
3rd Plymouth                               57.5%
2nd Plymouth                              54.8%
1st Hampden                               54.5%

waiting on three districts"


  1. Thanks Mike! May I post this and updates to my blog? I'll credit you, of course, for the info

  2. granby: 1,239 no / 1,575 yes

    granby is a red state & rural - not at all like blue state & liberal amherst or northhampton. if granby voters say yes to medical marijuana, then it is a real issue for both right & left.

  3. Hugh, Granby didn't say yes to medical, they said yes, to LEGALIZATION. Big news, legalization did better in MA than medical. The rest of your point is well taken. It does well even in red state rural Granby..

  4. can we hope for legalizsation by the beginning of 2011?

  5. You people are crazy for thinking legalization would be agood thing for ma residents, all it would do is invite more corporate takeover situations and ruin any chance of mom and pop grower communities to pop up and thrive helping to support more rural communities. Ma needs medical with non profit run dispensarys, and local growers supplying. Only way it will work without taxachussettes taking control of the whole situation and before you know it your stuck smoking weed grown by some state run facility. Lame, I hope it never goes legal in ma so I can keep making real money, and helping sick people

  6. Zannmann you are missing much. First of all medical marijuana in MA is more likely to be run and messed with by the State of MA than legalization. See NJ right now! And secondly any initiative that runs in MA for legalization will allow personal use non taxable cultivation. I will grow my own legally if any corporates take over. For somebody with a self interest in making $ off of patients, you are badly informed.

  7. And Zannmann I believe growers like yourself would make just as much money with legalization passing by ballot in MA. With no worrying about thieves, cops, or rats. And almost everybody approving of your work in society. The medical movement in MA has a chance of passing a bill at the State House, there is a national and local group funding that lobbying. But how will it look throuhg the elected officials in MA? See New Jersey where they passed a bill at the state house. The most restrictive bill in the nation and then the new Republican Governor and the hacks running it decided to get even more restrictive so now the NJ legislature is trying to pass a new bill to get around some of the crazy restrictions...Letting the state run your medicine? In MA? It's tough to swallow. Legalization is far better in my opinion. And I am a medical user that would easily get a prescription if medical passes in MA even with the strictest of rules. I want to grow my own. And I'll still purchase the local growers strains! Got to taste it all..We can do legalization right if enough people are vocal on what it has to include. Number one has to be the right to grow your own for non commercial, personal use with no taxation of that crop. For medical users. For recreational users. And for growers themselves. No jail or fines, home invasions, pets shot, guns drawn, broken down doors, ever for personal use pot cultivation. If we get that? NO MAJOR CORPORATIONS CAN TAKE OVER. WOULD YOU BUY FROM JOE CAMEL OR TRADE SOMETHING SMALL FOR SOMETHING BETTER WITH 100 FRIENDS WHO ARE GROWING IT LEGALLY FOR PERSONAL USE. THINK ABOUT IT. MANY ARE GROWING NOW. IMAGINE IF IT WASN'T ILLEGAL? GIVE LOCAL GROWERS THE BALL. MAJOR CORPS HAVE PROBLEMS WITH ACCESS TO THIS MARKET. THEY CANT GET THE FINANCING, IT'S CONSIDERED TO MUCH A SIN FOR THE MAJOR WALL STREET MONEY & FEDERAL LAW WONT LET THE CIG COMPANIES GET INTO IT....

  8. Now is the time for legalization. The sooner it starts , the better for the whole world. All it will take is 1 state to stand up for it's rights. Once the first domino falls, the rest will fall very quickly, to the point where a few years down the road, the stauncest prohibitionist will have to say "What was all the fuss about?".


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