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Thursday, November 4, 2010

The State vs Patricia Smith

The State vs Patricia Smith
In episode 15 of Talley.TV we rewind to August 16th when producer Bob Constantine and I first met Nurse Patricia Smith ( It was the morning of her trial and she spoke to me through tears as Bob handed out nullification information to her jurors. Despite Bob's efforts and attorney Mark Sisti's plea to the 12 member jury that they use their power of nullification, they found Nurse Patricia guilty of manufacturing a controlled substance.

After hearing Prosecutor Fitzpatrick bully Nurse Patricia for hours in his official capacity I decided to ask him some questions. When he didn't respond I decided to editorialize and share with him the radical notion that if there's no victim there can't possibly be a crime.

It's hard to believe that Fitzpatrick crossed the Pacific Ocean to leave his native Australia so that he could put peaceful people, like Patricia Smith, in New Hampshire cages. He, as well as the police who "descended" on Nurse Patricia's home, could be considered the true criminals in this situation by anyone who isn't a cold-hearted statist. Detective Frederic James even admits that the police took money from Nurse Patricia's purse and from envelopes in her home marked "anniversary," "wedding," "house" and "Christmas."

The video ends by showing my illegal detention by court security at the request of Judge Timothy Vaughn. He issued the order that I was to remain inside until the jurors had exited the parking lot. Despite statements that they were not detaining me, court security guards wouldn't reveal what would happen if their illegal order was ignored.

At Nurse Patricia's sentencing earlier this month, Judge Timothy Vaughn ordered this peaceful woman to spend 2-4 years in a State prison because he wanted to send a strong message. Should peaceful people be locked in a cage for growing plants? You can send Judge Timothy Vaughn a message by calling the Grafton Superior Court at (603) 787-6961. Let us know what you think in the comments.

Reporting from the front lines of freedom, this is ‪http://Talley.TV. Thanks for watching.

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