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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

This Saturday, THC Show Covers Maine's Monopoly Medical Marijuana Dispensary Racket

$340 an ounce for medical patients? The rationale? We don't want patients to re-sell their cannabis on the black market for profit! Selling cannabis to patients at black market prices with a dispensary monopoly? This is a potential bigger racket for them than California. No competition. Two directors with Northeast Patients Group served on the Maine Medical Marijuana Taskforce that wrote these rules and created the monopoly for dispensaries? Yes. It may be called "non-profit" but how much are Directors of this dispensary going to be compensated? Medical marijuana monopoly just another reason why full legalization is the answer. How does one pretend to represent patients while selling black market priced medical marijuana?

Saturday, 4-6pm,, call in and be heard. 617-606-4122

Northeast Patients Group District 2                                                              

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