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Friday, November 19, 2010

Wal-Mart Sued Over Pot - The Allen Hunt Show

Wal-Mart Sued Over Pot - The Allen Hunt Show

"A Michigan man who was fired from Wal-mart for failing a drug test due to medically prescribed marijuana is taking his case to court - along with the ACLU. The argument that is according to Michigan law it is legal to smoke pot with a prescription, so he was wrongfully terminated since he wasn't doing anything illegal."


  1. actually corporate drug policy is a 'private' business right to enforce thanks to the state, and even if marijuana were legalized that aspect would not matter with regard to company practices.

    it's not fair but it is perfectly legal, ad unless this person has a lot of $ to burn fr lawyers who without doubt cant win any case against walmart for 'wrongful termination'.

  2. In this instance I would think that Dude has a case. Wal-Mart would have to fire everyone with a cold, or anyone taking "any" meds. I would think that a discrimination defense is the key. Not Wal-Mart's business rights to decide indiscriminately who to "fire."

  3. It may be legal but it's not right. Agree 100% with that statement. And within our rights to protest and boycott Wal-Mart until they change this practice. I for one will not step foot inside Wal-Mart until they do the right thing. I encourage others to do the same. And to send Wal-Mart that message. Boycotts do work. As do sending emails. I sent mine. Send it to their national headquarters. Be heard...

  4. I have sent my E-Mail expressing my feelings- Fellow Man


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