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Friday, December 3, 2010

Christie Compromise: Bi-Partisan Agreement on Medicinal Marijuana

New Jersey Governor Christie Compromise: Bi-Partisan Agreement on Medicinal Marijuana

This Governor tries to look sensible but we know he's still reefer mad. "A model for other states"? I hope not. Unreasonable regulations on a non-toxic plant that brings relief to patients? What's next regulating garlic? Oh and exhausting all other conventional medical options? You mean I should do oxycontin first? Wow. You aint sensible, Governor. How is this guy pretending to be small government when he's just another busy body messing with patients lives? He's protecting you with Oxycontin!


  1. I didn't expect this to come from a Republican so soon. He knows how to count the money. Now I can apply for the position of Secretary of Narcotic Taxation!

  2. The most common reason that physicians prescribe medical marijuana is for nausea, yet it is not on the Governor's list.

  3. here we go again. A non-physician giving medical advice. Sounds like the HMO I had years ago


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