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Thursday, December 9, 2010

CNBC Danny Danko talks about lower high grade prices

CNBC Danny Danko talks about lower high grade prices

Danny Danko of High Times Magazine on CNBC talks about decreasing wholesale prices of cannabis.


  1. I have been writing about this in my blog years ago,once I saw where things are going. Just imagine, every month a new set of growers come from these Universities dedicated to teaching people how to grow and new users are finding out the medical benefits. It is going to be a boom and bust cycle where over time, growers are going to organize and stabilize the price much lower than it is now. With more people growing their own, that puts a strain on the price too.

  2. For real.Pure and Simple.

    Higher quality, more weed on the market,more smokies,....LOWER PRICE.
    Not HIGHER prices.
    What gives, you greedy bastards?


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