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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

CNN: Teens choosing marijuana over cigarettes

CNN: Teens choosing marijuana over cigarettes

Dr. Sanjay Gupta postulates and I think off base that marijuana use is up because of marijuana legalization ballot initiatives. He also thinks cigarette use is down because cigarette prices have gone up. Marijuana is more expensive than tobacco, Dr. Gupta.

Prohibition creating more illegal drug use and the fact that tobacco is move addictive and harmful than marijuana?

Not even a mention.


  1. yea cig prices are going up. so what! It really sucks for people who smoke them on a regular basis, but come on kids choosing pot over cigs because tobacco prices are going up is complete nonsense!! Hello. Cannabis is not cheap.. At all! Plus I think finally some kids these days are really realizing that herb is not as harmful, and tastes way better for one, and actually does something other than give u cancer, cough constantly, be addicted, and eventually die (possibley) all from tobacco! There is a smarter, healthier, and more enjoyable smoke, and it's also an important medicine for everyone and especially the ill/sick.

  2. this survay was released by the federal government, what else can we expect?what I dont get is why this is so startling to these idiots reportin it, maybe the increase if there is an increase is the result of the media making such a big deal of it and they ask where are these sixth graders getting it from? drug dealers dont ask for ID.thay dont care if it is a sixth grader or a adult, thay dont have to care, it is easier to get marijuana than tobacco, if tobacco was made illegal today sale of it would go to drug dealers and than it would be easier for children to get it, thay also make it sound like they would rather hear of children using tobacco which is a far more dangerous drug than marijuana.

  3. IM the same way ill choose cannabis over cigs anyday. Nicotine is one of the most addictive substances anyways- one table spoon of the nicotine ingested is enough to overdose. These kids are smart and the rest of America should smarten up as well.


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