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Saturday, December 11, 2010

Denver Cops Cite Lacy Lee for Allegedly Smoking Pot Then Drop The Charges After They Lose The Joint

Denver Cops Cite Lacy Lee for Allegedly Smoking Pot

"Denver police cite Lacy Lee for allegedly holding a joint while on a march to legalize marijuana in May 2010. Lee faces a $100 fine, but her attorney Rob Corry (who obtained this video from the Denver Police Department), claims the costs to prosecute Lee (including three officers taking a paid day off the street to appear in court) far outweigh the fine levied against her. Smoking marijuana is legal for medical purposes in Denver. "

Marijuana prosecution of Lacy Lee dropped -- because cops didn't have joint to prove case
"The offense carries a maximum fine of $100. Denver no doubt spent much, much more in the process of arresting Lee and moving the matter through the system. But yesterday, the city dropped the case -- because it had no marijuana on hand to support the charge."

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