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Saturday, December 18, 2010

Fox News DEA Propaganda

Fox News DEA Propaganda

Is this a paid piece for the DEA or what?


  1. what a croc of shit you wouldn't have a problem wuth smuggling or cartels if it was legalized,regulated and taxed,when is our government gonna smarten up and realize the billions in savings alone,never mind billions in taxes both sales and employment taxes they would collect,and the fantastic job opportunites there would be if we had a free market due to legalization Smarten the hell up AMERICA

  2. I totally agree with Anonymous # 1.

  3. I think, i am not saying. Is that if they stoppet putting money against so called war on drug´s, Then the american coverment can´t launder those money too put in there own pockets. also that they must be starting believing these horse shit lies. those money thay take from the cartel goes also to there pockets. so where is all that money?
    when the cannabis does get legall on federal law then everythink gets taxed and is written in books.


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