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Sunday, December 5, 2010

Fox News, "Safety Up In Smoke?"

Fox News Channel "Safety Up In Smoke?"

Fox News asks, "Does legalization of medical marijuana make it harder to fight the war on drugs along the border?"

How about should we legalize it to end the violence and war in Mexico?


  1. (Hempster blues, revised)

    Hey now lets live free and proud
    Feet on the ground and our heads in the clouds
    It is time to pull away the shroud!

    Don't need 'em telling us how to live our lives
    The Man selling the people all their totalitarian jive
    Brainwashing America with all the bullshit and lies!


    Hey Obama don't be a fool
    Acting stupid isn't cool
    Come on and do what you said you would do!

    Make a Presidential decree
    Set God's Plant Free
    IT WILL save the world and the country!

    Anslinger, Dupont and Hurst
    Are the reason that cannabis is cursed
    Killing us just to fill their purse!

    Come on now America it is time reclaim out freedom
    Tell the Man that we are tired of their treason
    Fight back with truth and reason!


    All you hemp heads come out of the closet
    Help America get out of the toilet
    Spread the word on the TV, papers and the Net!

    Legalize Hemp before it's too late
    Cuz Mother Nature will clean the slate
    And we meet the dinosaurs fate!


    By Dudly Moore

    The Emporer Wears No Clothes, every one should read this book

    Hemp For Victory, Everyone should Watch this



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