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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Local colleges rank high on dope list

Local colleges rank high on dope list

Northeastern University, UNH rank high on dope list.

I'm around some students in my city travels and I'm not buying that Northeastern students are the biggest heads here. Suffolk, BU, Emerson, Art Institute, and Tufts students know how to smoke! ;)

Silly on the local big media running with this joke and then the universities themselves who want to pretend the attention away.

A university that is leading has no need to worry about this contrived web controversy.

Only issue most of us have with higher education?

The cost of a four year University degree which is now often equal to a 30 year house mortgage in Boston.

Where's the media coverage on that?

Some like to party at N.U. but aren't most merely taking advantage of the educational and work opportunities?

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