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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Quiet Desperation too hot for daytime tv
"Banned from DAYTIME!!
Saturday's 4pm show HAS BEEN MOVED to 11pm.
We're TOO HOT for the censors!!! Write to your congressmen NOW!!!"

Boston Herald, ‘Quiet’ riot

Get ready for reality TV, Boston-style.
“Boston keeps outsourcing how it’s portrayed to the people who made ‘The Departed,’ ” Rob Potylo said from a mattress in his decisively unglamorous Allston bedroom. “(They) just put on really bad Boston/Irish accents and dumb it down.”
And Potylo, the artist formerly known as Robby Roadsteamer, has had enough.
On Christmas Eve at 11 p.m., his semi-scripted, sidesplitting reality sitcom, “Quiet Desperation,” makes its debut on local station MyTV (channel 18 in Boston).
Photographer Sarah Sparks poses with her cover shot of the Boston Herald's A&E section.

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