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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Rep Lou Lang Medical Marijuana Bill for Illinois State 11-30-10

Rep Lou Lang Medical Marijuana Bill for Illinois State 11-30-10
"Representative Lou Lang - IL speaks about Medical Marijuana (cannabis) Bill for the state of Illinois on11-30-10, known as SB1381.

Contact your Senator today in IL or contact IL Senators even if you aren't from IL and tell them they need to pass this in the lame duck session."


  1. Please do not contact IL Senators if you're not from Illinois. That's not helpful. Legislators only want to hear from their constituents, and hearing from people out-of-state will only reinforce the notion that this is some well-funed, outside interest group trying to legalize marijuana, rather than a compassionate bill that can help thousands of seriously ill people in Illinois.

    Dan Riffle
    Legislative Analyst
    Marijuana Policy Project

  2. Ah, Dan I just copied and pasted, without a Mike Cann push of really asking I'm not expecting that many out of staters would call if anybody did. Haha. But thanks for thinking this blog is that powerful. We can generate the calls in MA, NH and some other states but IL is pushing it. That's what National NORML/MPP and the locals in IL are for. Correct on the point. I love the editors I have on here correcting the copy and posts I do. You do it when I can't. Thank you Dan Riffle.

  3. Other editors on here I was honored to be corrected by. Steve Bloom Celebstoner, he saved me from a Doug Benson brush fire! Haha. Steve Bloom is's #1 after the fact, you better fix that editor!


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