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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Ronni Chasen murder not a hit?

LA Times: Ronni Chasen shot in botched robbery; gunman acted alone, police say
Ronni Chasen was killed in a botched robbery by a Hollywood man with a long criminal record who appears to have acted alone and may have shot the publicist while riding a bike, Beverly Hills police believe.
At a news conference, officials said they don't believe Harold Martin Smith was a hit man and believe he acted alone. Officials said he was at a desperate point in his life and resorted to "desperate measures."
I have a hard time believing this was not a hit.  

The perp bragged that he was to be paid $10,000 for killing her. 
He said Harold told him that he was supposed to be getting $10,000, at one point saying it was for a job he did and on another occasion saying it was from a lawsuit.

Terri Gilpin, 46, who lived on the same floor as Harold, said she had heard him on one occasion brag to her husband, Brandon Harrison, that he killed Ronni Chasen. Gilpin said her husband told her not to listen because the man would frequently make up stories.

Harrison told The Times on Wednesday night that Harold had told him on different occasions that he was expecting $10,000 from a job or a lawsuit settlement but did not mention hearing the man brag about Chasen’s killing.
So he kills her with several shots to the chest and then takes nothing? In Beverly Hills? On a bike? I don't believe it. The fact he shot her in the chest and did not strike the head makes me believe it was somebody close to her, somebody that did not want to view a messy funeral. Think about that. Seems like the police are covering up for somebody with money and power. Time for the media to ask tough questions. Not expecting that either. That would actually be work and rock the boat.

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