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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

New York Times, New Trade Group’s Focus Will Be Marijuana Industry

New Trade Group’s Focus Will Be Marijuana Industry

By Dan Frosch, The New York Times - Tuesday, November 23 2010
Steve DeAngelo, founded a marijuana dispensary in Oakland, Calif., and is on the board of an industry trade group. It is being called the green rush. With more states moving to legalize medical marijuana, the business of growing and dispensing it is booming, even as much of the rest of the economy struggles.

Now, flush with financial clout, and with their eyes on pushing Congress to further loosen laws, medical marijuana industry leaders are forming a national trade association. While there are smaller, local trade groups, organizers around the country say this will be the first business organization working on the national level.

Based in Washington, the group, the National Cannabis Industry Association, will focus primarily on lobbying, but will also help medical marijuana businesses navigate a patchwork of laws that differ depending on location.
Is this good or bad news? Will the big boys of the cannabis industry monopolize and create barriers to enter the market? Will they protect patients or their bottom line? Strange to see three top members of MPP leading this new organization? Isn't that kind of a conflict of interest representing patients and then the businesses and their trade group that could monopolize and price control the medicine? NORML represents cannabis consumers. Who does MPP represent? Medical patients, cannabis consumers and the businesses that serve them?

Middle Class Veteran Mother to Obama "Frankly, I'm Exhausted at Defending You"

Middle Class Veteran Mother to Obama "Frankly, I'm Exhausted at Defending You"

And now she's been laid off.

Scientists challenge TSA on scanner radiation

Scientists challenge TSA on scanner radiation
Federal officials claim radiation risks from the U.S. Transportation Security Administration's new full-body scanners are low, but several scientists are calling on the administration to rethink whether the numbers really add up.

The TSA says the radiation from its security scans amounts to about a thousandth of the amount a patient receives from a standard chest X-ray, or an amount "equivalent to two minutes of flying on an airplane."

But a physics professor at Arizona State University in Tempe not only conducted his own study, finding the radiation exposure 10 times what the TSA estimates, but also argues that the health risks aren't mathematically worth taking.

Young boy strip searched by TSA

Video: TSA strip searching young boy
"Lets get the facts straight first. Before the video started the boy went through a metal detector and didn't set it off but was selected for a pat down. The boy was shy so the TSA couldn't complete the full pat on the young boy. The father tried several times to just hold the boys arms out for the TSA agent but i guess it didn't end up being enough for the guy. I was about 30 ft away so i couldn't hear their conversation if there was any. The enraged father pulled his son shirt off and gave it to the TSA agent to search, thats when this video begins.


***Insertion of what happened after the video (full story)****

After I finished videotaping the incident I went through the check point myself. I collected my things and went over to talk to the father and son. Before I could get to them a man in a black suit who had been talking with the other TSA officials approached me. He asked to speak to me and I obliged, wondering what was to come. He then proceeded to interrogate me about why I was videotaping the "procedures of the TSA". I told him that I had never seen such practices before on a young child and decided to record it. The man being frustrated at this point demanded to know my plans with the video, of which I didn't respond. Repeatedly he asked me to delete the video, hoping his mere presence could intimidate me to obey, but I refused. By this point it became obvious that he felt TSA had done something wrong and that I caught it on tape. After the interview, I left for my gate. I called my brother who told me I should put the tape on YouTube because this had been a recent hot topic in the news.

My gate was a long way off, but about 15 minutes after arriving 2 TSA agents came and sat 15 feet or so away from me. I stood up and moved so that they were in front of me and then took a picture. A 3rd and then a 4th agent came and sat down with the others. They would occasionally glance at me and talk on their walkie-talkies. I don't know why they were there or if it was a huge coincidence but they stayed for 30-45 minutes and left just before I boarded the plan. Interesting to say the least, intimidating? Maybe a little."
Fox News; Lawmakers Seek Probe of TSA's Pat-Down Training After Reported Misbehavior
"In separate letters issued Monday, two U.S. lawmakers are looking for answers on the training and methods employed by Transportation Security Administration agents, including one congressman who wants to know why officers trailed a videographer who taped a kid stripped at the security gate."

New Jersey Assemblyman Gusciora on Legislation Invalidating Gov. Christie's Medicinal Marijuana

New Jersey Assemblyman Gusciora on Legislation Invalidating Gov. Christie's Medicinal Marijuana

In this video press release, Assemblyman Reed Gusciora (D-Mercer), a vocal advocate for medicinal marijuana use, discusses his legislation contesting Gov. Christie's draft regulations for implanting the New Jersey Compassionate Use Medical Marijuana Act.

Gusciora's legislation (ACR-151) formally declares draft regulations created by the Christie administration as being inconsistent with the legislative intent behind the compassionate use law.

Gusciora's measure, a legislative resolution that does not require the governor's signature, passed the Assembly Monday by a vote of 48-22-7.

The measure would give the commissioner of the state Department of Health and Senior Services 30 days to revise or withdraw the proposed rules for implementing the Compassionate Use Act.

If the administration does not comply, the Legislature may hold public hearings to discuss invalidating the proposed rules and may subsequently adopt a second resolution invalidating the proposed regulations.

ENG 333 Marijuana Public Service Announcement

Reefer Madness - The Movie Musical
ENG 333 Marijuana Public Service Announcement

Kids don't smoke cannabis or you might get pregnant and not remember who you slept with.

Just when you've thought you heard it all..

Boston Herald, Letter to Editor, Carnage predictable

Another letter published in response to the Boston Herald's marijuana decrim reefer madness.

Carnage predictable
To blame recent tragedies on the overwhelming passage of Question 2 is not only politically motivated by the district attorneys, who suffered a huge loss at the hands of common sense, it also misdirects the conversations we should be having about making our communities safer and healthier.

Medical Marijuana in East Texas

Medical Marijuana in East Texas

In a small East Texas town, one man fights for his right to medical marijuana--and suffers the consequences. Watch an introduction video to Laura Burke's article, "A Threat To Society," available online at

US Marines find Marijuana growing in Farah Afghanistan

US Marines find Marijuana growing in Farah Afghanistan

"Marines from 2/7 Golf company find pot fields."

Woman Totally Sticks It To TSA Workers By Stripping Down For Her Pat Down

Woman Totally Sticks It To TSA Workers By Stripping Down For Her Pat Down
 “Hello, I’m a pornographer, sex worker, and sex blogger and you can read more about me at I’m a frequent flier who logs about 30,000 miles a year for business and pleasure. While literally millions of people have already seen naked photos of me, for most folks, the idea of complete strangers seeing them naked is a scary and embarrassing prospect. I’m about to leave for the airport where I’m going to get my very first TSA ‘grope down.’ Your first time is very special, so you can record it and put it on the Internet for people to make fun of.”

My TSA Stripdown: Nov 21 at Seatac

Tailgaiting PA State Rep charged with marijuana possession

Pittsburgh Tribune Review, "Tailgating Costa charged with smoking pot"
"He adamantly denies that he smoked any marijuana," said Costa's attorney, Phil DiLucente. "No narcotics of any kind were found on him. In fact, he detests marijuana."

Monday, November 22, 2010

Helsinki, Finland Marijuana Protest

Photo: Ziko-C
Video: Radikaalimarssi @ Helsinki, 20.11.2010
Smoke-in demo on Parliament steps for cannabis legalisation
Several hundred protest pot prohibition as 100 police look on

“I am a criminal, but who is the victim?” The question was asked by Tarik Purho in front of the Finnish Parliament, along with three other demonstrators on Saturday afternoon.

He also wondered where the other supporters of hemp legalisation were.

Twenty minutes later, as if out of nowhere, more than 300 cannabis legalisation advocates appeared, in addition to 100 police officers, a number of police cars, mounted police, and dozens of photographers."

Health Tips, Is Medical Marijuana Helpful?

Health Tips, Is Medical Marijuana Helpful?

San Diego, California- - KSWB

Doctor says medical marijuana has legitimate uses and then discusses history of use. Dr. Goldman also says smoking marijuana does not cause lung cancer and makes the point that studies have shown that smoking marijuana may reduce the risk of lung cancer for those who also use cigarettes.

Chertoff and Company - The Cover Up (Body Scanners)

Chertoff and Company - The Cover Up (Body Scanners)

Boston Herald, Tokers blow smoke at pot fines

Boston Herald, Tokers blow smoke at pot fines

"Potheads who’ve found the grass is greener under the state’s mellowed-out marijuana law have racked up as much as $64,500 in unpaid fines in Boston alone, thumbing their noses at hundreds of citations that cops have written up, but authorities are powerless to enforce."

Pro-Marijuana Rally at the Philadelphia Thanksgiving Day Parade

Legalization activists in Philly are going to be protesting at the Thanksgiving Parade -- perhaps attempting to march in it.

From Facebook:

Thursday, November 25 · 8:30am - 12:00pm

Location    We are meeting at the steps of the Philadelphia Museum of Art

More Info    Every year the Thanksgiving Day Parade has a theme. This year the people of Philadelphia and the Pro-Marijuana movement are going to show up in numbers and create our own theme.

Instead of standing on the sidelines and watching the parade, this year we decided to be part of the show.

We are fighting a battle to legalize marijuana and as (non-violent) soldiers in this war, we will use every opportunity to use our 1st Amendment right to stand up for what we believe in.

Every media outlet in the tri-state area will be there with cameras, let's let Philadelphia and the nation know that WE ARE HERE and WE ARE NOT GOING AWAY!!!


Full Facebook events page here:

Busting a Grow House

National Geographic, Busting a grow house

Border Wars: Gang Task Force

DEA agents raid a marijuana grow house operation in Florida.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Boycott Wal-Mart! Protecting safety of customers and employees from medical marijuana users?

Consider sending a message to Wal-Mart that it is not ok to fire medical marijuana users.

Message sent from here to Wal-Mart,

I'm not happy about your actions towards legal medical marijuana users who happen to be Wal-Mart employees. See the link. I will no longer shop at your stores and I will be asking others to do the same. Unless I hear that Wal-Mart has changed their policy on medical marijuana for employees with a valid prescription. It may be within your legal right to terminate employees who use medical marijuana but it does not make it right! We will use our legal right to boycott. I ask you to do the right thing for medical users. Change your policy.

And Wal-Mart's response:
Dear Mike,

Thank you for your recent inquiry. This is just an unfortunate situation all around. We are sympathetic to the former associate's condition but, like other companies, we have to consider the overall safety of our customers and associates, including the associate involved, when making difficult a decision like this.

Walmart Customer Care
Safety of customers and associates? What? Are these folks at Walmart all on hardcore prescription meds? Apparently so.

WAAF Marijuana Legalization Update - 11/18/10

WAAF Marijuana Legalization Update - 11/18/10

Mike Hsu's latest update on the battle for marijuana legalization.

Michele Leonhart one step closer to officially heading up the DEA | The Daily Caller - Breaking News, Opinion, Research, and Entertainment

Michele Leonhart one step closer to officially heading up the DEA | The Daily Caller

“I have seen what marijuana use has done to young people, I have seen the abuse, I have seen what it’s done to families. It’s bad,” Leonhart said. “If confirmed as administrator, we would continue to enforce the federal drug laws.”

NBC TV News LA Allows More Marijuana Shops

NBC TV News LA Allows More Marijuana Shops

Rules for medical-pot stores may change again |

Rules for medical-pot stores may change again |
County officials will schedule a work session sometime in December to look into more concrete ways to regulate and license the dispensaries. But, Commissioner Jon Stavney said, those new regulations will allow dispensaries to stay open.

“A strong majority of voters approve of this, and I have no intention to thwart that.”

Iran Contra Investigation video

Iran Contra Investigation video, Day 23, Jul 7th, 1987

Senate Cmte. Secret Military Assistance | Hse. Cmte. to Investigate Covert Arms
Oliver North was sworn in by Senator Inouye. Oliver North testified that he had authority and approval from his superiors for all his activities. North maintained that he assumed presidential approval, but did not ever receive direct approval from President Reagan. North was questioned about shredding and falsifying documents. He also was questioned about soliciting donations for the contras from third world countries. North contradicted testimony from Robert McFarlane that McFarlane told NSC staff not to solicit aid from foreign countries or private sources.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

House of the Commonwealth of the Northern Marianas Islands passes marijuana legalization bill

But don't get to excited, it's not legal there yet. A bill to legalize marijuana passed the house in the Commonwealth of the Northern Marianas Islands (CNMI), a US territory, November 4th. The Governor vows to veto it and the Senate doesn't look likely to pass it through.

Marijuana legalization bill passes House

A bill legalizing, regulating, and taxing marijuana use for medicinal and other purposes in the CNMI passed the House of Representatives yesterday afternoon, adding to a list of revenue-generating bills pending in the 17th Legislature.

Rep. Stanley Torres' (Ind-Saipan) House Bill 17-45 passed on a 10-7 vote with one abstention from Rep. Ray Basa (Cov-Saipan).

Donna Lambert asks why was I arrested?

Courtesy of Donna Lambert

King of Pot show with Mike Cann on Boston Herald reefer madness campaign

King of Pot show with Mike Cann on Boston Herald reefer madness campaign, Part 1

Mike Cann, guest on Live with the King of Pot show on discusses Boston Herald, Gerry Leone smear and lie campaign against Massachusetts marijuana decrim.

Week 2 Quiet Desperation commercial #3 on MyTV "What the Fuck is This?"

Week 2 Quiet Desperation commercial #3 on MyTV "What the Fuck is This?"

Featuring Aaron the King Wizard, Lilith Astaroth, Dylan Tyson, Irina Peligrad
Written by Rob Potylo and Aaron the King Wizard
Directed by Rob Potylo
Cinematography and Editing by Warren Lynch
Production Designer Juliet Schneider
Location Managers Rob Potylo and Scott Matalon

A Metropolitan Pictures Production
Copyright (c) 2010 Rob Potylo

Rep. Jeffrey Sanchez, "I never thought I would spend so much time on grass"

Jamaica Palin Gazette, Extra questions surprise JP voters
During the primary campaign, Sánchez said he does not oppose medical marijuana, but he is not in favor of state policy that contradicts federal policy on the issue.

“I never thought I would spend so much time on grass,” Sánchez told the Gazette in a recent phone interview, commenting on the ongoing dialogue about the issue.

Spending time on the issue with no results? How much time does it take to realize that prohibition hurts patients?

Friday, November 19, 2010

Brewster town meeting sinks marijuana & drinking fines, passes everything else - Brewster, MA - The Cape Codder

Brewster town meeting sinks marijuana & drinking fines, passes everything else - Brewster, MA - The Cape Codder
BREWSTER — If only all town meetings went as smoothly and as briskly.

Brewster voters breezed through 20 articles in two hours Monday night at their fall special town meeting with only article 14, which would’ve increased the penalties for drinking alcoholic beverages or smoking marijuana on public property to $200 failing to win approval.


Elbert Ulshoeffer quoted a Supreme Court Justice who pointed out any government action cutting liberties in the name of safety need a very compelling justification.

“I find nothing that compels this. We don’t have brawls on the beach or big parties,” he said. “If people abuse alcohol it is a minority in Brewster.”
Brewster, MA sounds like a town I could retire in...

MA State Senator still supports marijuana legalization, but won’t be in charge of the bill - Newton, Massachusetts - Newton TAB

Sen. still supports marijuana legalization, but won’t be in charge of the bill - Newton, Massachusetts - Newton TAB
Senator Cynthia Creem, D-Newton, will listen to her constituents and support the legalization of marijuana, but she won’t be the lead sponsor of any bills on the subject.
“If it is a bill that comes before my committee, I may ultimately support that, but I have not been a lead sponsor,” said Creem."

Rob Potylo | Something Happened At Horse Lake | CD Baby

Rob Potylo | Something Happened At Horse Lake | CD Baby

1. Drawing Up Circles 2:06

2. Shera 1:42

3. Back And Forth 3:09

4. Violentful Sparks 3:13

5. Last Day 3:24

6. Sea Monkey Atlantis 1:20

7. On The Porch 1:52

8. Horse Lake 2:14

9. Don't Get Creepy 1:56

10. Monestary 2:01

11. Held Hostage 2:04

12. Harvard Ave. 2:48

Snuffing out New Jersey medical marijuana Snuffing out medical marijuana
"Gov. Chris Christie is engaging in an ugly game of politics when it comes to implementing the medical marijuana law. The draft regulations from the Department of Health and Senior Services show science that was selected with a political bias and a strong influence from special interest groups."

Wal-Mart Sued Over Pot - The Allen Hunt Show

Wal-Mart Sued Over Pot - The Allen Hunt Show

"A Michigan man who was fired from Wal-mart for failing a drug test due to medically prescribed marijuana is taking his case to court - along with the ACLU. The argument that is according to Michigan law it is legal to smoke pot with a prescription, so he was wrongfully terminated since he wasn't doing anything illegal."

Marc Emery sent to Georgia jail

Marc Emery sent to Georgia jail - News1130

"VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) - BC's "Prince of Pot" is going to a Georgia prison. Marc Emery's wife, Jodie, says he was supposed to go to a prison in California, but she just found out that's not going to happen."

 Marc Emery's US Prison Blog #18 - Heading for Georgia, a letter to his wife, Jodie

"Dearest Jodie: Last Thursday at 10am in Nevada Southern Detention Centre, a guard said, "Emery, roll up!", which meant I was outbound. I was taken with about 100 others to a series of tiny cells, where I waited until 3am (17 hours) to be chained with leg irons and handcuffs secured to a chain around my stomach, then put on a bus to Las Vegas airport.

We were at the airport at 7am but the ConAir plane didn't arrive till around 10:30am. Still in chains, we were boarded onto the plane at around noon. I was the only Canadian. The plane first flew to Arizona and landed to let off prisoners going to Arizona federal prisons, and picked up more prisoners. The plane has room for over 200 prisoners. Then, still chained, we flew to Oklahoma City, the processing hub of the Bureau of Prisons, where we arrived around 5:30pm (central time) and were unchained during intake."

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Greener Grass - Marijuana in Massachusetts

A documentary by Jeremy Skillings.

With UMASS Amherst's Lyle Craker, Mike Cann, Scott Matalon, President Barack Obama, Trash Can Smile, and more.

Part 1

Part 2

Harvard Law Record, Prop 19 failure means advocates have clean slate

Harvard Law Record, Prop 19 failure means advocates have clean slate
I believe that the next time around, the legalization bill should completely legalize the cultivation, use, and sale of marijuana. Furthermore, it should be written by attorneys and marijuana legalization advocates who appreciate the current hurdles in the law regarding marijuana and understand how they can be overcome.

DJ Slim, 420 Mass on Itunes

01. 420 Mass  feat Mike Cann
02. To The Top
03. Fade Away
04. Stoner Chick
05. Keep Our Love
06. Blaze It Up feat Bay Holla
07. Mary Jane feat Meen green
08. Walking in the Rain feat Bawston Strangla
09. Weed’s Legal feat MP2
10. Legalize It
11. S.O.S Remix feat Amber Ladd
12. Rain Maka feat Bink & Stack a Dollars
13. Ready For War
14. I Can’t Forget feat MP2
15. Styles Like This (Destruction Production)

Marijuana Wars, Part 1: Vanguard Trailer

Marijuana Wars, Part 1: Vanguard Trailer 

In this two-part episode, Vanguard executive producer and correspondent Adam Yamaguchi embeds with a task force working to take down Mexican drug trafficking organizations operating in the U.S.

"Vanguard," airing weekly on Current TV Mondays at 9/8c, is a no-limits documentary series whose award-winning correspondents put themselves in extraordinary situations to immerse viewers in global issues that have a large social significance.

Fox News, Marijuana Is NOT Medicine Until The FDA Say It's Medicine

Marijuana Is NOT Medicine Until The FDA Say It's Medicine

Fox News, November 17, 2010

Steve Fox vs. Paul Charlton debating medical marijuana.

Mr. Charlton closes by telling a lie saying the DEA is not blocking cannabis research when they are and then accuses his opponents of not being honest... :(

Boston Herald, Letter to Editor, "Wrong antidote"

Reefer Madness - In COLOR! Also Includes the Original Black-and-White Version which has been Beautifully Restored and Enhanced!
Boston Herald, Letter to Editor, "Wrong antidote"
"Apparently history has no lessons (Nov. 15). The legendary explosion of violence in the 1920s was caused not by the decriminalization of alcohol but by the criminalization of alcohol. It was not cured by redoubling enforcement but by re-establishing a legal and regulated industry."

Lincoln, Nebraska marijuana busts

Lincoln, Nebraska marijuana busts

Are DA Gerry Leone and the Boston Herald really going to blame this rise of marijuna grows nationwide on MA decrim? 

Vote, Boston Music Awards

Vote here, Boston Music Awards

Up for awards are MassCann/NORML supporters Termanology (Best video with Statik Selektah), Will Dailey, Walter Sickert and the Army of Broken Toys, and The Organ Beats.

Vote for them!

Jay Z says he was targeted by police for seven years

ABC News, On how police target rappers, and a cop who tailed him for seven years:
The hip-hop cop stayed outside the clubs I was in. Every time I walked into a club he'd joke with me. "You got a gun?" I would f**k with him right back: "Do you?" For seven years that cop was there, at every club, every show. But I still have to ask myself why. Rappers, as a class, are not engaged in anything criminal. They're musicians.

Some rappers and friends of rappers commit crimes. Some bus drivers commit crimes. Some accountants commit crimes. But there aren't task forces devoted to bus drivers or accountants. Bus drivers don't have to work under the preemptive suspicion of law enforcement.

The difference is obvious, of course: Rappers are young black men telling stories that the police, among others, don't want to hear. ... The fact that law enforcement treats rap like organized crime tells you a lot about just how deeply rap offends some people -- they'd love for rap itself to be a crime, but until they get that law passed, they come after us however they can.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Boston Herald Poll shows them out of touch with readers

Herald Pulse

What is your opinion of the new pot law?

12% - $100 fine is a joke
25% - I knew it would backfire
63% - It’s still a good law
Poll Closed: 2010-11-16
Total Votes: 2,176
With the Herald's recent coverage you'ld think their audience was only the reefer mad...

New pot law blamed as violence escalates

Expert: Decriminalization blazes a path for more teen use

Safety goes up in smoke


Mexico families fleeing drug war forced to relocate

Mexico families fleeing drug war forced to relocate

AlJazeeraEnglish | November 12, 2010

The raging drug war in the US-Mexico border region has forced hundreds of residents to seek refuge in neighbouring towns.

The border town of Ciudad Mier is the latest fallout from a nationwide drug war that has pitted gangs against each other and government forces.

Al Jazeera's Franc Contreras reports from Miguel Alaman, where many fleeing Mier residents have found refuge.

Heather Torgerson Supports Prop 203 on Fox

Video: Heather Torgerson Supports Prop 203 on Fox

Medical marijuana saved my life.

This isn't a policy argument in favor of Proposition 203; this is what happened to me, a young, outgoing, 26-year-old pursuing her dreams. I am sharing this so that anyone who has any doubt about the need for medical marijuana will understand the difference this medicine can make.

n 2007, I was diagnosed with stage IV brain cancer and given a grim prognosis: I likely had just six months to live. My only chance for survival was a brutal regimen of chemotherapy coupled with radiation. For months I endured muscle weakness, fatigue, loss of appetite, and strong bouts of nausea. I was losing weight, losing my hair and worst of all my strength. The side effects of the treatment were literally killing me and no pharmaceutical drug was alleviating any of my symptoms. 

Fort Carson Soldiers Caught Breaking Into Marijuana Dispensary

Fort Carson Soldiers Caught Breaking Into Marijuana Dispensary

Three soldiers arrested after they got trapped inside a Colo. Springs medical-marijuana shop
By Lance Benzel
The Gazette

COLORADO SPRINGS — Three Fort Carson soldiers trapped themselves during a burglary-gone-bad at a medical marijuana dispensary in southeast Colorado Springs early Saturday, police said.

How Will Medical Marijuana Work? - Arizona Prop 203

Video: How Will Medical Marijuana Work? - Arizona Prop 203

Arizona begins setting up program for medical pot
by Michelle Ye Hee Lee on Nov. 15, 2010,

"With unofficial election results showing that Arizona voters have approved a medical-marijuana program, state health officials said Monday that they will begin implementing the measure and expect the drug to be in use by late summer 2011.

Arizona Department of Health Services Director Will Humble said he expects that by April, the agency will begin reviewing applications from people who want to use medical marijuana or operate a dispensary. The program should be fully functioning by later that summer, when dispensaries have had time to grow the plants."

Medical Marijuana Coalition Presses DEA for Response to Rescheduling Petition as Senate Holds Confirmation Hearings on Administrator Michele Leonhart

DEA Administrator, Michele Leonhart
WASHINGTON, Nov. 16, 2010 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- A national coalition of medical marijuana advocates is renewing their demand to the Drug Enforcement Administration to act on an eight-year-old petition to reschedule marijuana for medical use as the U.S. Senate Judiciary committee holds confirmation hearings for interim DEA administrator Michele Leonhart this Wednesday, November 17, 2010.

The rescheduling petition offers a unique opportunity to narrow the ever widening gap between federal and state medical marijuana laws.  Last week, Arizona became the 15th state to legalize medical use of marijuana.  Medical use of marijuana was first approved by California in 1996.  However, the intervening years have seen no movement by DEA officials to revise obsolete regulations against medical marijuana.

The marijuana rescheduling petition, filed by the Coalition for Rescheduling Cannabis in 2002, presents the Obama administration with a rare opportunity to reclassify marijuana by removing it from the most restrictive schedule in the Controlled Substances Act.  Marijuana is currently a schedule I drug, meaning that it has no accepted medical use and is only available for research under the most restrictive conditions provided by federal regulations.  Recognition of marijuana's accepted medical use by 15 states would enable the DEA to place marijuana in a less restrictive schedule, enabling increased research, patient access, and establishing  a federal regulatory context for state medical marijuana programs.

Federal rescheduling is supported by the American Medical Association, the American Nurses Association, and the American Public Health Association.  Rescheduling is necessary to implement the recommendations of the Institute of Medicine of the National Academy of Sciences.  The Department of Justice (DOJ) has also recognized that marijuana is used medically under state laws and directed the DEA and U.S. Attorneys not to prosecute individuals for such use in these states.  In addition, recent studies by the California Center for Medicinal Cannabis Research have documented marijuana's effectiveness in treating a variety of ailments.
A final decision on the rescheduling petition is supposed to be made by the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA).  As acting DEA Administrator, Michele Leonhart has had the rescheduling petition on her desk for three years but has so far failed to respond.  "It's time to end the delay," says Coalition spokesman Jon Gettman, adding, "The government has had eight years to consider this petition, during which the evidence for marijuana's medical efficacy has only grown."

The Coalition for Rescheduling Cannabis includes the American Alliance for Medical Cannabis, Americans for Safe Access (ASA), California NORML, the Drug Policy Forum of Texas, High Times, the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORML), New Mexicans for Compassionate Use, Oakland Cannabis Buyers Cooperative, and Patients Out of Time.

To arrange interviews with Coalition for Rescheduling Cannabis spokespeople, please call Jan Carlos Byl, Ph: 202-320-9492, or email Dale Gieringer at .
SOURCE Coalition for Rescheduling Cannabis

John Stossel and Ron Paul on liberty, the elections, Prop 19, Rand Paul and more

John Stossel and Ron Paul on liberty, the elections, Prop 19, Senator-elect Rand Paul and more.

Reason Magazine Editor in Chief Matt Welch appeared on Fox Business Channel's Stossel program to talk with host John Stossel, the Wall Street Journal's Kimberly Strassel, and Rep. Ron Paul (R-Texas) about the midterms, Tea Parties, Rand Paul, and Prop. 19. Airdate: November 4, 2010.
Approximately 12 minutes.

Calderon firm in drug war decision

Calderon firm in drug war decision
AlJazeeraEnglish | November 11, 2010

It has now been almost four years since Mexico's President Felipe Calderon ordered the military to take on his country's powerful drug gangs.

In that time, more than 30,000 people have been killed in drug-related violence.

But so far, Calderon has shown no sign of backing down from using the armed forces. And as Al Jazeera's Franc Contreras reports, that controversial decision is still the subject of fierce debate.
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